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4-August-2022 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Bundle of tissue in giant elm tangled
  2. Clubs previously accepting present unity
  3. What can hold together masseur and pop group?
  4. Messenger once covered by other messengers
  5. Groom partner to keep going finally in tricky game
  6. Irish officer touring eastern part of UK plant
  7. Large rock overturned
  8. Initiate opening, taking in new Hancock sketch
  9. Lovelorn old queen cheated
  10. Landed — correct — then confined
  11. Genuine article backing Conservative cut
  12. Man loves probing margins of field for mice, say
  13. Dinghy or cutter?
  14. Good man raised idea, half foolish
  15. Coercively given fare on behalf of church agent
  16. It bites your flesh, somehow avoiding uniform
  17. Blue Berets are defending Washington in the dark
  18. With this lens, capture elephant (not ant!) in toto?
  19. Harmless sort of tiger may be decorative on the wall
  20. A big shot at Old Trafford backs alliance
  21. Leader to check over refuge on way up
  22. Church room exceptionally entered by short street
  23. One made from flour, or flower
  24. Subtleties one's not seen in pests
  25. Twitch seen regularly
  26. Lioness left commotion in Victoria state
  27. A platform for rolling fish on table
  28. Flyer, one broaching business scheme
  29. Look at American soldier with cold reason
  30. Endearing English and Polish stylish clothing
  31. Labourer against entering one of the armed forces
  32. Lower or upper regions adjacent to Pole
  33. Key copier, one getting away?
  34. Set off briefly, grabbing a sheet
  35. Trivial yet extraordinary subject of theory
  36. Sailor's main dish cooked to entertain occupant of No 10
  37. Noted bank trousering a million
  38. Like hotel in wood
  39. One heading for Arctic following sea channels
  40. Regularly chop cold venison source, having withdrawn seafood
  41. Seesaw transformed local site
  42. Wise old Greek squad, running away
  43. Flap as night flyer returns
  44. Welshman losing footing on platform
  45. Queen's consort caught cutting most of fruit
  46. Daft old chap interrupts Mike
  47. Pathetic sailor caught in a stream
  48. Raise an attempted robbery
  49. Army's building units designed to house exotic hens
  50. Greedy to rely on kid's savings here?
  51. A foreign chap resolved to stop youths making catapults?
  52. Make random selection from actors, great numbers
  53. Liberal monk's wool supplier
  54. Opening pub is very fine, but to no purpose
  55. Charges around, arriving at yard