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4-May-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Animal seen moving around Pacific native
  2. Beast of burden arrived, then left
  3. Hateful mother with capacity to conceal name
  4. Witness watching over, perhaps?
  5. Pathetic type's small circle including a couple of daughters
  6. Excessive tax? Not to Eire, surprisingly
  7. Creature putting leg under twice
  8. Figures, slightly retrograde
  9. Regrets accepting Liberal regulations
  10. Device locating companion in part of New England
  11. Possibly, lewd queen worried doctor
  12. Miserable with regard to grassy area, so to speak
  13. General claims as support for property transaction
  14. Tree trunk enthusiast
  15. Kid taken to court by police at last
  16. United team is in the driving seat, reportedly
  17. Egyptian god, determined
  18. Country where capital's neither opened nor closed
  19. Martial art expert in town in Japan
  20. Party in minutes ending in government — probable landslide?
  21. Old-fashioned books about university
  22. Wood terribly dry, then a water supplier on the way
  23. Thus one African country identifies an inhabitant of another
  24. Star sign giving protection to a shrewish woman
  25. Fracture that's the same!
  26. Drive carelessly, running front of taxi into foreman
  27. Person who's tested an explosive device in river
  28. Game played with associated board, cheat and get low grade
  29. Bring up easily portable car part
  30. Back company in engaging American relative
  31. Take in tenants every so often
  32. Instrument shaken roughly about, mine inspiring ridicule primarily
  33. Bouquet made from cloth in European country
  34. Horse initially noted at Goodwood
  35. Message lovely and short in the end
  36. Two Georges taking a test
  37. Moderated bad temper displayed in commercial
  38. Moving a lot, I'm one on the move!
  39. Brute force said to break good man
  40. Infamous head of occupied port seized by other people?
  41. Kind of door finished twice?
  42. Redeeming quality in old batsman after keeper's job?
  43. For example, Tommy and soldiers, those working together
  44. Misguidedly ask Hector for a biscuit
  45. Native American people almost as tribal, oddly, in European country
  46. Might one pass with those standards kept up?
  47. Contrary to opinion, week appears, ultimately, a long time
  48. Workman excited over pieta
  49. Player on stage removing agent's head
  50. Marry and make a splash?
  51. Edges of double bed cut down to size
  52. Consistency of old Tyneside head