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5-August-2022 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Risk of garden growing wild
  2. Bird, edible native of China
  3. Genius, blessed person accommodated by German couple?
  4. Fateful day with teams lacking leader
  5. German article with information on sex
  6. Cream in milk mopped up by sponge
  7. Second fast bowler to become an astronaut
  8. Revolutionary given guidance provided by popular unbeliever
  9. Girl, a Pole, coming to the west
  10. Sign of emotion predator faked
  11. Guardian fights to have European expelled
  12. Other half grieve for Land of the Free
  13. Grave bishop pursuing cat
  14. Avian interest
  15. Russian, perhaps, one with leading position
  16. Spectacular electronic illustration?
  17. Fly: artifice required to squash one
  18. Free current still emptying into device
  19. One church head needed for White Mass?
  20. Girl heading off African people in ring
  21. Original, stylish hustler
  22. I'm endorsed, having been reformed and rejuvenated
  23. Unconventional exit
  24. Commie thus ahead of those marked for surveillance in America?
  25. Remain significant, as might relegated student of the past?
  26. Entertainer's invitation to eat outside in French
  27. Organ a vital part of the arteries
  28. Infrequent choice
  29. Brief novel penned by fifth columnist
  30. Air cargo from Poland: ale, surprisingly
  31. Warning from quartet that's audible
  32. Broad-minded cardinal, say?
  33. Injured fellow had to clutch limb
  34. Produce buckle
  35. Inspired, like a sketch?
  36. Great place mind, it's broken
  37. Leader quitting cooler band
  38. What to pay to get a single school meal?
  39. Without word of hesitation, a camera internally manoeuvred in passage
  40. Cold about right?
  41. Still lacking a proposal
  42. Requirement after flat tummy somewhat expanded
  43. Play with little porker, whimsically?
  44. Turkish port is unadulterated, they say
  45. Giant timber cross etched with name of king, half erased
  46. Climber I swear needs it when slipping
  47. Delay including half of underpants in washing
  48. Meteorological effect of moving online
  49. Some failure, so likely to get turned over?
  50. Alien world, as in cosmic phenomenon
  51. Joint missing odd bits of skin here
  52. Absorbed teen's dig, wounded
  53. Bit of fish I dropped over
  54. Female crushed by a cross bear
  55. Island's just ancient villages apparently at first