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5-December-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Bent coppers splitting up, say
  2. Very basic electrical unit for siren
  3. One who has it may quickly lose it
  4. Find out it's arcane, mysteriously
  5. Singer's second discussion about sound quality?
  6. Person checking street out
  7. Deliberate snatching is bad treatment
  8. Different era isn't more unpleasant
  9. A carriage heading for Scottish cathedral city
  10. Beauty in red rose
  11. African mammal found in book, a pig
  12. Loud pub, European
  13. Categorise works evading understanding, ultimately as such
  14. Cast me in a film
  15. Service area, carnage
  16. Leader leaves English county for Italian region
  17. Attempt retiring
  18. I am one member of nest maybe suited to parrots
  19. Negative male in America
  20. Detective Gadget succeeded inside the CID, for example
  21. Frequently outspoken on males: time for a quota
  22. Quite a few cut, almost everyone
  23. Man responsible for distribution of toxin around centre of Salisbury
  24. Harry Truman taking on board current thinking
  25. Lumières can't broadcast without a place to show all their work?
  26. Flower spread, a hundred having risen
  27. Censorship of the October Revolution?
  28. Perhaps a sett . . . the setter's material
  29. Head erased from colossal image
  30. She's short with pot belly — that's Mum!
  31. Manage work in church
  32. Brilliant odds before racehorse runs
  33. Wash first of nightclothes in advance
  34. Might Mark blitz clues?
  35. Surprisingly porcine, old sheep's cheese
  36. Mother has difficult dog
  37. Beaten pro flinches, heavyweight's heading for a shiner?
  38. Occasion that is wrapping up day
  39. Discharge suspect concealing high explosive
  40. Alienate new sergeant
  41. One might see spider on this: howls out loud?
  42. Major operation as Times each year put on finals of puzzles championships
  43. Climbers — our team's nine, roughly
  44. Little car entering Jerusalem in Israel
  45. One who introduces expert on Browning?
  46. Evergreen explorer cut down in front of Resolution
  47. Presume needs fixing, above all
  48. A beastly mother keeping literary retrospective for gifted child
  49. Comprehensive school's first XI linked up with a top forward
  50. Former leaders in Chelsea evidently like to do well
  51. The endless growth in snooker
  52. Move impetuously to sacrifice pawn and foil attack?
  53. General grounds for curtailment
  54. Oddly, niece is born