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6-December-2018 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Bit of hair giving girl, ten, makeover
  2. Call British prime minister going west
  3. Novelty we set up in northern loch
  4. Stone circle west of China
  5. Renegotiated rent a bit high ultimately for old country building
  6. Court with old office at the front
  7. Thin coil finally used in transmitter
  8. Sluggish swim with rubbish around
  9. Alcoholic drink not quite right for child
  10. Isolated fellow who handled Sherlock Holmes stories?
  11. Skives in casual wear
  12. Sea god, fat, yellow and soft, surfacing
  13. Ruler who lost his head leading fashionable people a dance?
  14. Mostly courteous hanger-on initially obeying Communist executive
  15. According to radio, precipitation is expected
  16. Pensioner carries it over paved area by house
  17. Amount of herring from end of harbour tinned
  18. Publicise young woman's narrow escape in flight
  19. Animal minder browbeat a woman's daughter
  20. After short time whale is seen in holiday location
  21. Like bird of old on fruit tree
  22. Young creature over in Cornish river
  23. Spectacular number displays formal headgear
  24. Meeting with a suggestion as to how police might trap criminal?
  25. Bowler maybe who gets opener dismissed
  26. Distant agricultural area? 75% of it
  27. Irishman knocking over post
  28. Bottle — something kept in a cabinet, might you say?
  29. Company doctor's crest
  30. Repository for damaged harp and capes?
  31. Church about to be given sums of cash for formal events
  32. Controversial European means to be heard by audience
  33. Girl, one tailing bird in meadow
  34. Bird identified by sinful gent originally in Humberside port
  35. Scholarly story about the heartless scoundrel
  36. Firm is old-fashioned, keeping order mostly
  37. Property — idiots may keep theirs, at first
  38. A French university in part of London? That's not welcome
  39. Dodgy behaviour with greeting — there may be something fishy here
  40. Baddie's heading off to create this?
  41. Goods appeal regularly — it's absolutely true, they say
  42. Manager occupying temporary accommodation, desperate man stuck inside
  43. Bill cricketer picked up
  44. Hugest new dwelling by river that can accommodate visitors
  45. Diamonds used in specific earrings
  46. Music concert group of countries set up
  47. A ballad gripping wife and son on every occasion
  48. This writer's rubbish is somewhat wicked
  49. Oarsman involved in argument?
  50. Fairish new role accepted by board
  51. Throat gel worked quite slowly
  52. Way sweetheart goes about showing integrity
  53. Farewell from a girl attached to Brussels?
  54. Still cold when wearing heavy material
  55. High time to discard a blouse
  56. Youth leader ahead of time every twelve months
  57. Like prescription and wrong pills coming from mad chemist possibly