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7-October-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Loot needs shifting: all eyes are on it
  2. Continuation of American's truly gripping novel
  3. Soul-rap rocks? Dire
  4. Geese flying east into cover
  5. Independently working on European broadcast
  6. Beam about new story
  7. Group of shadowy figures holding church back
  8. Career crazily with son, guzzling new wine
  9. Boss tells a whopper about son's latest pieces of news
  10. Gasp about restraint for one being treated
  11. Daughter on break to travel aimlessly
  12. Stops head resigning and relaxes
  13. Prime minister cutting Her Majesty's hair
  14. What can control large tour going round?
  15. Give money back to travelling salesman, certainly
  16. Shortly getting in a large car
  17. House on square? Let's get it!
  18. Large open boat is not so dark
  19. Openly gay youth stripped
  20. Put down a cow?
  21. Bishop with fewer to consecrate
  22. Knock back beer fit for a monarch
  23. One crying out from back of court
  24. Do wrong in Jersey on vacation, procuring pot
  25. Very fast unexpected attack grabbing power
  26. Message sent from holiday job by Joker, perhaps
  27. Feeble toff somehow led Cornish news
  28. Some reactionary tweets I'm deranged, anger clouding judgement
  29. Express sadness over onset of tunnel vision
  30. Peasant's husband seized by large force one heading west
  31. Founder lacking sparkle after trip
  32. Credit us with cooking raw fruit & veg
  33. A snowdrop?
  34. Tousled beauty had fun going topless
  35. Reminisced about Bolshevik holding English rally
  36. Join university with term half gone
  37. Yank grabbing Conservative fellow's mistress?
  38. In speech I nag, unfeeling
  39. Martha occasionally accompanying American in pub, if necessary
  40. Setter, perhaps, is good after party
  41. Express disapproval over Romeo teacher
  42. Brussels upset after Brexiters' final charge
  43. Left, for instance, to finish traditional tale
  44. Saw nurses at work — so gifted!
  45. Get sidetracked — I note during shift?
  46. Idiot sues bizarrely, promoting disorder
  47. Striking, moving fast after change of leader
  48. Scene of conflict sees site of historic abbey reduced to dust
  49. A time in location that's calm
  50. Senior man joining up after wife departs
  51. Try to win women's love on more than one occasion
  52. Edible shellfish in middle of seabed singly
  53. Hurtful remark from pub bore, initially
  54. How one might face grandmaster or general?
  55. Unaffectionate father I like to send up
  56. Show indifference to lamb joint from yesterday?