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8-June-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Function for mathematicians at home in the home counties
  2. Item of office equipment is essential, needed by firm's bosses
  3. Stable establishment
  4. People on forums having no time for puzzles
  5. A couple of notes of little distinction
  6. Beloved Bambi perhaps being heard
  7. Gradually decreasing sound at end of recording
  8. Compulsion to work and press together when speaking
  9. Carol wants love first and last, being unattached
  10. Pretext contributing to extensive ill-feeling
  11. Upper-class fool in group of soldiers?
  12. Dedicated duke eclipsed by English management group
  13. Harmful recreational drug is ordered
  14. Work with a learner to produce a gem!
  15. Authority to produce script for listeners
  16. Leader of infantry escorted back, carrying a standard
  17. Reginald (vicar?) upset church worker
  18. Craftswoman's burden, securing copper disc
  19. Team-beater's hairy facial growth
  20. Stinking row
  21. Recoil, but ultimately accept coarse cotton fabric
  22. Absorption transforming a Latin mission endlessly
  23. Merchandise finally put in place in an Irishman's warehouse
  24. Shine, getting fantastic result
  25. Extravagant? Not in an army corps
  26. Rover knocking back pint, perhaps, during game, informally
  27. Poet who lives in a small community in Rome?
  28. See eager sailor painting yacht first of all
  29. Look for building to accommodate any number
  30. Name Alice's illustrator talked of after church anniversary
  31. Charlie has new pastime in temporary accommodation?
  32. Prohibition involving shout that startles monkey
  33. Greek character left? Terrible time for a crusade!
  34. Place in Somerset, a colony to the west
  35. Having crossed valley, Maureen and Edward sat
  36. Long-time heretic, one replacing a surgeon
  37. A quiet member of the family, that's evident
  38. Long garment gnome shortened
  39. Small reptile spotted on American plant
  40. Aussie screecher giving girl a headache initially
  41. Winding canal I've found in foreign city
  42. Encouragement given by nice vet in novel
  43. Humble worker in pub, taking it over under a false name
  44. Islanders queue to enter HQ
  45. Doubts young woman revealed about donating
  46. Working American's responsibility
  47. Report of a snow leopard being broadcast
  48. Creature that burrows, destroying the marrow
  49. Popular book in French is small, digested by beauty, 21
  50. Mop Cornish sailor used?
  51. Old city the one above all others? Not quite
  52. Bachelor requesting quiet on vessel, seeing creature of the deep