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8-October-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Capital composer
  2. Beginning to grumble about head teacher
  3. Bit of a literal interpretation of a musical based on Kipps?
  4. Dress up bride more elaborately
  5. Remaining seaport bombed
  6. Problems exist over European student mobility system
  7. Notwithstanding that used in medical practice
  8. Health resort featured in newspaper
  9. Immobility of passenger ship when line fails upset island
  10. Publication of record learning about United States in recession
  11. Peculiarity in icy dairy, sons recollected
  12. Local, unsophisticated around town at first
  13. Polish round back for gemstone
  14. Clarinet playing Debussy's last piece naturally
  15. Individuals entering country, Asian nation
  16. This year's upsetting panic
  17. Go over one detailed description penned by National Trust
  18. Take off after arriving — from here, paradoxically?
  19. Suspicion so continued over self-regarding youth
  20. Train? There's one in a minute
  21. Make later improvements to crumbling outer surfaces of church
  22. Everyone following remarkably bent game
  23. First class seed raised attractive plant
  24. Brave face on prisoner
  25. Paid driver to point out coniferous tree, we're told
  26. Deep state formed phony MI6
  27. Check out organ at college
  28. Holding dog with no lead
  29. Unkind expelling European people in general
  30. Climb a trail
  31. Manage continuous series of performances
  32. Where unwary beach holidaymaker's food goes? Shut up
  33. Ship's propeller with power supply trouble
  34. Cracked bidets in accommodation
  35. Bum died in prison cell
  36. Abnormal pieces, with tons for scrap
  37. People working together 10am - noon?
  38. River gods rose unexpectedly in film
  39. Spy criminal taking hack at hotel? Norman Bates, perhaps
  40. House 1000 antelopes in areas of South Africa, once
  41. Then, a goldfish flying! Conjuror's trickery
  42. Set loose without testing, right away
  43. Warning device in flight, say, is to get engaged in conflict
  44. At home, aggressive dog makes one suffer
  45. Skill of a doctor of fitness turning out fine female?
  46. Confectionery jar is where sportspersons like to get their hit
  47. Veteran serviceman without his wings
  48. Stern about editor that's set up proof-corrector
  49. Prominent critic of game strip
  50. Poem in secret language Charlie ignored
  51. Instruct boy about old passengers on a bus?
  52. Drink drop of liquid, right away
  53. Circle the globe with Italian
  54. Dog that's a boon, following bachelor