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9-July-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Smothering resistance, recklessly pays up for ancient document
  2. Coming soon, formal wear for garment
  3. More eager, longing to replace first European cooker
  4. Writing mostly about one's antibiotic
  5. Young child's measure of spirit
  6. Combine eg nitrate compounds
  7. Go round and reportedly fork out for permit
  8. Snapper arrived before tailless ray
  9. One million and two hurt
  10. Raptor's way to get into vessel crossing river
  11. Mr Fawlty familiarly adopting a South African title
  12. Car part collected in Birmingham
  13. Mug in Christmas stocking
  14. Be sick, spitting out fermented beer?
  15. Old queen keeping horse and wild ass
  16. Brief attempt about right
  17. Leaders of think tank penning little message
  18. Servant's argument at home?
  19. Barrow corporation bully regularly going to America
  20. Well-groomed tree
  21. Supreme commander lives with short man by common
  22. Special state
  23. Vandalised city's plea for discipline
  24. Exercise before second drink
  25. Minor initially lacking in vision
  26. Nurse got ruffled? Something fishy here
  27. More air circulating in wardrobe
  28. Devise principle inspiring a key royal dynasty
  29. Runner beginning to run, one runs!
  30. Drink thrown up by hotel close at hand
  31. Part of stock maybe supplied by papa and others?
  32. Mean girl given ring by boy
  33. Low figure in question, essentially
  34. Journalist finally in a rush to produce copy?
  35. Line round head of ginger cat
  36. Accompanying sailor, attain goal
  37. Unscrupulous lawyer invested in trashy stereo
  38. Rising in heat, chilli coolish initially on good Italian dish
  39. Warming device, unit with cobra snakes
  40. Aficionado jumping over arched structure
  41. Peter Rabbit's head is more secure
  42. In America, serious achievement of brilliant student
  43. Marriage evidently over? Don't say another word!
  44. Fruit and wine consumed by two-thirds of withered old women
  45. Former partisan's uniform stolen from the solver's chest
  46. Cake, central point rising
  47. Adapt without guile, given time inside otherwise
  48. Sculpture shattered
  49. Ant-bear's way to board a Bible rescue boat
  50. Calling for hospital department, sickly
  51. Produce notes about indifferent lecture
  52. Crazy, Gershwin accepting allotment by lake
  53. Old custom in movement of suspect abroad
  54. Old coin identified by woman on radio
  55. Composer and Arctic explorer in one
  56. Dry river, save bottles