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9-June-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Having pale greyish colour when extremely hoary
  2. Old browser I rejected as you are texting way ahead
  3. Rearranged AGM imparts realistic approach
  4. Fierce swimmer Private Investigator fled — that's funny!
  5. Memory returning, fool is in confused state
  6. Day before National Trust's planned occasion
  7. I hear you pulled up some more gorse
  8. Perhaps designer garments last for one season — gets darker clothes
  9. Prosecutor not to reveal being a silk
  10. One travelling in Cairo — American
  11. Your extremely evil master's twisted jesting
  12. Rock and roll single gripping me
  13. Oddly abandoned repairs before attempt to find range of sound
  14. Driving competitively, squeezing teammate into roundabout, perhaps
  15. Female avoiding wife's state
  16. Shy contender, he turned out founder of a dynasty
  17. Bomb danger at sea ultimately preventable
  18. Chinese switch positions in capital
  19. Neglect to send out Times: they haven't taken orders
  20. London architect's songbird
  21. Costly article secured by the German
  22. Girl in school stuck with another
  23. Honorary secretary in university departs
  24. Dismissed at Lord's, Charlie, over anything at all?
  25. Speak contemptuously of redesigned title belt, unfinished
  26. Having got bigger reaction to bad joke perhaps when broadcast
  27. Get back about the rose at outset, that is very English!
  28. Fast-moving group of ships
  29. Frenchman's duck, caught by a favourite opener
  30. Head count at ball around two hours before midnight?
  31. Worry as distinct period of change announced
  32. Bad beer, old pal? Very bad!
  33. Won't share: had to drink initially enormous amount of alcohol
  34. Help in rewrite of brief, then finish
  35. Period of relaxation having taking a knock largely with alien invasion
  36. To be ranked worse than F went down badly
  37. Composer's astonishing feat, in captivating monarch
  38. This might help you see French industrial town
  39. Firm resistance: read all about it
  40. Do they spread the cost of a superficial education?
  41. You being laid in earth was excessively sickening
  42. Those voting in the lector at evensong?
  43. Grasping toff has a heart of gold?
  44. House not ever needed as college
  45. Hospital in transaction for source of gas
  46. Fortunate I am on horse: no fun here on bike?
  47. Having burned oneself very badly, an anxious case
  48. Case involving United closed — a learning experience
  49. Wind up hearing sound of Northern river
  50. Parent at end of term, different
  51. Going through endlessly harsh part of mountain, note it took its toll
  52. Alongside an animal, crossing river