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9-October-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Soldier and mare crashing into bridge
  2. Greatly diminished army officer meets very large girl
  3. Voucher scam taking in publisher
  4. Scottish smoker cross about being abandoned by English
  5. Authorises second performances to get any number in
  6. Fellow outside prison about to get mechanical restriction
  7. Stick used by extremely brittle Muslim prince's widow
  8. Little creature regularly baited around Orient
  9. Reveal record waste?
  10. Jacob rashly holding something poisonous
  11. Dread voiced? Manage to accept conclusion of this forecast
  12. Old woman in dam near barking dog
  13. Language that's bent or contorted
  14. Dispersed, as licensed trade could be
  15. Musician caught by Liberal painter digesting popular film
  16. Aim to follow bishop and crook
  17. Sacked constables gathered round first of remote rock formations
  18. Police officer, one demanding payment for engine booster
  19. Old battleship from Aden at sea in dry period
  20. Game one of four card players has left
  21. Promoter of change, one leaving country in company of actors
  22. Something sticky? Food course is quite nice!
  23. Small child's drink
  24. Talk with heartless person disobeying rules
  25. Men in a group try fine art for a change
  26. King trapped in vessel leads to banner headline
  27. Wild animal that could be orange
  28. Duplicate material to demolish?
  29. Sports contest initially banned in most of Leinster town
  30. Portrayed someone academic and terribly idle
  31. Male is having hesitation — he doesn't like spending money
  32. Overseas leader's note misinterpreted race's torment
  33. Book theatre turns
  34. It's smart catching fish that's drifting
  35. Good queen eating fish as well
  36. Waste material produced by club after fight
  37. Game taking place over in borders of Pakistan
  38. Tot in poor area, beginning to lose out
  39. Partly useful — narrow like some bones
  40. Narrow American abandoning stock covered by agreement
  41. A new unexciting job collecting silver as a source of security
  42. Monstrous female knocked back game on ship
  43. Baby food from river, one in South Wales
  44. Take care of the old woman showing sign of severe illness?
  45. When speaking, caught sight of a predator
  46. Stars secure as you and me?
  47. One hanging around is left in peril
  48. Old metalworker alternatively employed in seagoing vessel
  49. Fuel in ground, first to come out
  50. State of uncertainty with member gaining nothing
  51. Precipitate downfall of brash hangers-on in court
  52. Around home see floor covering
  53. Agreement boy should go to HE institution
  54. Isotonic solution chap brought into function