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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 24-May-2021
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  1. Spice used to flavour eggnog
  2. Arctic creature also known as the white whale
  3. Fruit of the rose
  4. Bill -, captain of the grand-slam-winning England side in the 1980 Five Nations
  5. Author of Moby-Dick
  6. Painter of The Blue Boy, born in Suffolk in 1727
  7. US singer nicknamed the Queen of Disco
  8. Folk violin
  9. Ibsen work following the domestic lives of Nora and Torvald Helmer
  10. Period of human history that started with the lower palaeolithic
  11. 16th-century poet who wrote the epic The Faerie Queene
  12. Northwestern region of the Indian Ocean
  13. Word common to the two highest peaks in the UK
  14. Tiny jumping crustacean of British seashores
  15. Creator of the ultra-violent vigilante Jack Reacher
  16. Number of labours undertaken by Heracles in Greek myth
  17. Andorra's official language
  18. Parts of the body of which an adult human usually has 32
  19. The -, film in which Humphrey Bogart played his only Oscar-winning role
  20. Offbeat writer of The Naked Lunch
  21. Composer widely considered to be Finland's greatest
  22. Rich meat and vegetable stew
  23. Red-billed member of the crow family shown on the Cornish coat of arms
  24. Prolific playwright whose works are customarily premiered in Scarborough
  25. Unit equal to 4,840 square yards
  26. Semiprecious banded variety of quartz
  27. Writer of the plays Separate Tables and The Winslow Boy
  28. Rock musical featuring the song Good Morning Starshine
  29. Time despicable person admitted mistakes
  30. 1998 Scottish black comedy film about four siblings preparing for their mother's funeral
  31. In bridge, if a contract is defeated, the penalty awarded to the defending side depends on the number of ____s
  32. One hundred of the stars in camp
  33. Music's Romantic period is sometimes described as ____
  34. ____ has represented England in all formats of cricket
  35. Willy Loman is the lead role in this Arthur Miller play
  36. Old pram I flogged in advertising exercise?
  37. Function in which you'll see this writer smoke
  38. Arthur Sullivan's popular 1877 setting of an Adelaide Anne Procter poem
  39. The imbalance between use of fossil fuels and counteractive measures
  40. Informally, prominent people, such as those in show-business
  41. Muscle twitching when stuck in bit of furniture at ground level
  42. Company which merged with McDonnell Douglas in 1997
  43. Lout was badly taken in, just made miserable once
  44. Louisiana and Yucatan both lie on this ocean basin
  45. Croydon transmitting station is in the Upper ____ area of south London
  46. Printer's mark fades — is placed at the bottom
  47. English physicist who suggested the existence of a particular ionosphere layer
  48. At the start of Red Dwarf, Dave Lister wakes from three million years in ____
  49. Restricts the loins
  50. French general who accepted Germany's request for an armistice to end the First World War
  51. Protagonist of a novella which ends with "God bless Us, Every One!”
  52. Nothing right in the unfilled cake
  53. "I am determined to be ____ after my long day's botheration” (Mr Lorry in A Tale of Two Cities)
  54. One day in Paris when going round avenue an old coin is found
  55. Former movement in India promoting the use of Indian-made products rather than imports
  56. A benign fatty tumour
  57. In the manner of rot burning slowly
  58. Although a box office failure, this 1991 Coen brothers film won the Cannes Film Festival's Palme d'Or award
  59. Mineral store I'd established, depleted at either end
  60. What's used by surgeon apt to go wrong with a "Sorry!”
  61. Having a tax that's unbelievable I ab'orred
  62. Bert's roommate in Sesame Street
  63. Actress who has had roles in Footballers' Wives, The Bill and Hollyoaks, as well as EastEnders
  64. Something poetic from significant orator
  65. Smart demo contrived to gain absolute control
  66. Force no longer wrong
  67. Rhyming games
  68. Author, the fellow with hesitation to pen lines
  69. A message and its replies on an Internet forum
  70. Percussion instrument with jingles on its perimeter
  71. Rogue president once to rave stutteringly
  72. 1996 gothic horror film starring Julia Roberts as Dr Henry Jekyll's housemaid
  73. CS Lewis's fictional land, south of the River Shribble
  74. The capital of Peru
  75. Certain plants — rodents will eat half of them up
  76. Shown to have discarded red outside covering no longer used
  77. "It is better to make mistakes than to ____” (Sri Chinmoy)
  78. Extraordinary ____ is governmental transfer of a person to another country, to circumvent laws on human rights
  79. Strips on the side of woven fabric, preventing unravelling
  80. A cairn has unusual sort of plant
  81. Piano playing harsh in tone with note oddly missing
  82. ____ warfare is named from its use in the Peninsular War
  83. Co-star of Jimmy Edwards in the BBC radio comedy series Take It From Here
  84. West Indies bowler who took seven wickets for one run against Australia in 1993
  85. The old lament when soldiers have captured island
  86. A glazed opening in a roof
  87. Word for "beaten” which, in internet lingo, often has its first letter changed to P
  88. Cellist in informal attire not appropriate for top person
  89. Leggings which formerly protected clothing from mud
  90. The capital of Jordan
  91. Minister that is getting married is subjected to criticism
  92. Tver, Kazan and Astrakhan are on this river
  93. "How much does ____?” asks pub customer Herb
  94. Subordinate added items
  95. Star of many films including Enter the Dragon (1973)
  96. Police arrest getting last character carted off
  97. "Those who trust us educate us” (____ by George Eliot)
  98. Musical character revealing opening, not closing
  99. A broad bay
  100. Chilly precipitation's coming up, bringing nerves

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