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  1. Most irritable
  2. Endless corruption absorbed by the old American
  3. Female journalist writing articles of sentimental appeal
  4. Freeman, company boss attached to both sides
  5. Late January celebration of Shetland's Norse heritage
  6. A wealthy well-travelled socialite
  7. Payment one accepted for concave moulding
  8. The purest and noblest knight of the Round Table
  9. A little boy catches fly
  10. Incense burners for the home
  11. US-born author of verse volumes The Colossus and Ariel
  12. What some TT reformers might do for an explanation
  13. French writer of prophesies in rhymed quatrains
  14. Recall movement in scores of MacMillan
  15. Her novel The Sea, The Sea won the 1978 Booker Prize
  16. In skiing, a straight high-speed downhill run
  17. Given a new role take advanced supersonic transport
  18. Byzantine emperor responsible for the revision and compilation of Roman imperial law
  19. Musicians whose playing is on the slide
  20. Lightermen last to encourage shelducks
  21. Description of an area like 34A rather than the West End
  22. Irish dramatist who wrote The Vicar of Wakefield
  23. New World burrowing rodent with large cheek pouches
  24. Old head of English in school uttered the call
  25. Stella drunk in Rock could get you this
  26. Affluent London district with grand terraces of white stucco houses
  27. Small chalk grassland plant with pink flowers
  28. Materially wrong about potassium measurement in labs
  29. Sort of ranks remaining
  30. Technology using gas or liquid to operate a control system, rather than electronics
  31. Silent leaving clubs? Only a bit in Glasgow
  32. Always there!
  33. Unfinished search for item in playground up north
  34. A round, semisweet biscuit made from wholemeal flour
  35. ____ replaced ash as the main body wood for Fender guitars in 1956
  36. Restaurant specialising in roasted and barbecued meat
  37. Insult chaps spoken of in front
  38. "I am discounting reports of UFOs. Why would they appear only to cranks and ____s?” (Stephen Hawking)
  39. The old take plan without a pinch of salt
  40. Latin-based name for a group of people summoned to serve on a jury
  41. Sewer-dwelling teenage superheroes whose trainer and adoptive father is a mutant rat called Splinter
  42. Inconsistent person turned up before Christmas over
  43. ____Knightley played Elizabeth Bennet in the 2005 film of Pride and Prejudice
  44. Cobblers urge beginning with last
  45. Ornamental pot or trough for flowers
  46. Tense journalist fellow union's leader ignored
  47. Adult leader of a pack of Cub Scouts
  48. 1965 No 1 hit for Sonny and Cher, taken from their debut studio album
  49. Wrought iron case in outline
  50. Hybrid red fruits whose name shows their Scottish origin
  51. Stress about infectious diseases? It happens
  52. Small cup used for serving Turkish or espresso coffee
  53. Common name for Citrus reticulata or its fruit
  54. Colloquial term for the traditional postal system
  55. Shy about going before audience in dressing room
  56. US soprano who died on September 30 — her statement that "pigeonholes are for pigeons” reflected her wide repertoire
  57. Fruit from the east without flavour mostly
  58. The ending (in the British Empire) of slavery after William Wilberforce's campaigns
  59. ____ Day is a public holiday on the first Monday after January 26
  60. ____ Cole played Joan Norton in Doc Martin
  61. County resident not right to reveal pig iron on board
  62. Short of backing many in choir impromptu getting out of tune
  63. Charity supporting single-parent families
  64. Musician such as Heinz Holliger
  65. Composer of the guitar concerto Fantasia Para un Gentilhombre
  66. Cordial company sharing a seat
  67. Love kiss on the kisser from an African bird
  68. The brightest star in the constellation Virgo
  69. Nipper heard ____ in Francis Barraud's famous painting
  70. Sound quality not so fierce around bass
  71. Briefs a nipper lifted up
  72. Old name for a large merchant ship
  73. Playwright whose social dramas include Ghosts and The Wild Duck
  74. Malevolent spirit believed to rob graves and devour corpses
  75. Nut eating honey and cereal
  76. Brightly coloured popular aquarium fish, native to the Amazon basin
  77. Students below, look up in group of trees
  78. The traditional venue for the San Marino Grand Prix
  79. Tatum ____ was the youngest winner of a competitive Academy award, for her role in Paper Moon
  80. Go around a green for limestone deposit
  81. Fama is able to grow "by going” (Aen 4.175): "viresque adquirit ____”
  82. Animal parvum; "parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus ____” Horace Ars Poetica 139
  83. Let him out!
  84. Minus albus, darker, sadder
  85. Properly; recto modo
  86. Adhibere partem cautionis (deponent)
  87. Mea interest, mea ____: it makes a difference to me
  88. Qui in Africa habitabant; "proximi Hispaniam ____ sunt” Sallust Jugurtha 19
  89. . . . it's a narrative of events; annals, fasti
  90. Vi abducit, abstrahit
  91. ____ cumulare dapibus: to pile the table with a feast
  92. QED: quod erat ____ (gerundive of course!)
  93. I am being racked with pain; eg ____ miser (Terence Andria 5.2.10)
  94. Flores ____ ut puellae placeret: he had picked . . .
  95. Praeda. 4 pilo deletur?
  96. Horace's own; he claims "princeps Aeolium 11 ad ____ | deduxisse modos” (Odes 3.30)
  97. US motto, a model of unity
  98. Pollicita est, dixit, immo iuravit
  99. Pello; I push, shove
  100. Song, poem

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