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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 11-April-2021
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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 5-April-2021
  1. The ____ tube connects the middle ear to the pharynx
  2. See 27A
  3. ____'s "The man who . . .” cartoons featured overreactions to minor social gaffes
  4. Section of the Metropolitan Police
  5. Player of the upper part in a piano duet
  6. Fish imported into the UK during the Second World War
  7. A railway across Australia's ____ Plain has the world's longest stretch of straight track
  8. Hydrocarbon gas used in welding
  9. Small green grandmaster of the Jedi Order
  10. Anthony ____ was the UK's prime minister during the Suez crisis
  11. Tourist attraction where you may see a representation of Guy Fawkes or 14A
  12. An American name for a travelling rug
  13. The answers to the eight 6A clues in this puzzle are examples of ____
  14. In physics, a reflecting or refracting surface free from spherical aberration
  15. Expression meaning "comes into view”
  16. Hungarian prime minister Imre ____ was deposed by a Soviet military invasion in 1956
  17. One of Islam's "pillars” (spelling with a doubled consonant)
  18. Variations from standard pitch in jazz
  19. If someone ____ something, they devour it enthusiastically
  20. In grammar, to match in inflectional form
  21. Dudley Moore's Little Miss Britten skit parodied the voice of Peter ____
  22. Something causing (possibly overstated) disgust
  23. To depart in a hurry
  24. Indian food
  25. People making false claims about their lives and achievements
  26. Old English letter now replaced by the last two letters of its name
  27. To be taken over by an emotion or indication of it, such as laughter
  28. ____ played surgeon Frederick Treves in The Elephant Man
  29. Combs and saws have them
  30. Member of a biological clade including birds, reptiles and mammals, named after a membrane surrounding the foetus
  31. 1970s Sunday night TV series about a shipping company
  32. "All the ____ people, where do they all come from?” (Eleanor Rigby lyrics)
  33. George Town is the capital of the ____ Islands
  34. This is a clue
  35. Left hastily and/or furtively
  36. The "helicopter seed” of trees in the Fraxinus genus
  37. A ____ king or queen may use 27A
  38. An admiral's aide-de-camp
  39. These have risers and treads
  40. US state bordering Virginia and Tennessee
  41. Words from which later words are derived
  42. A US name for some bedside furniture
  43. You may see this in a bun
  44. State of inactivity or equilibrium
  45. Code inserted into software to set off a malicious function in specific circumstances
  46. A keyboard instrument
  47. A coffeehouse's server of coffee
  48. The densest naturally occurring element
  49. Biased or below the belt
  50. Pseudo-archaic verb, meaning "know”
  51. Elite regiment's foolish talk
  52. Plant shows vitality — another plant is dying
  53. Like mites, being a worry outside home
  54. Release the writer's found at riverside
  55. Severe state control is met with difficulty by Greek character
  56. Prisoner is old thief — time to be released
  57. Having particular shrubs with a certain glow — hard to miss
  58. Scottish stories with particular ending
  59. Python coils and man dies, OK?
  60. See nicest deb excited by words of approval on coming out?
  61. Ace singer screeches (not half!) when making comeback
  62. Oil on tin removed
  63. Poisonous plant I found by river
  64. Move or don't move in periods of prosperity?
  65. Poison from old chemical company conveyed by sailors
  66. Old plant possibly beginning to droop in stone behind house
  67. There's no cost in refixing part of window-frame?
  68. Last bit of luggage — the blue container for drinks
  69. Ancient dish that is blue everyone's collected
  70. Laziness of a French company — hero must be brought in
  71. Unruly fans trashed Corsican city
  72. Place with abbey having no time to start with for novice
  73. Name for son secured and toughened
  74. Bother with rubbish, say, piling up
  75. Seasonal mob's reconciled — words of respect suggesting kissing of hands
  76. Tourist restricted, not the first or last to be upset
  77. Too keen to eat something not good, like grass
  78. Lifesavers — not wimpish chaps, we hear?
  79. Is nude shivering? It's right to go inside to be covered
  80. Seaman requires American river anchorage, avoiding delta
  81. Ethical abroad? Not acting ambassador
  82. Bird to make bird noise having hatched fifty eggs
  83. This Devonian idiot
  84. Hard bits of ski-run, with one coming adrift sadly
  85. What's the matter with head? In charge minimally
  86. Bird's set task
  87. Opposite, contrary; in ____ iter equi concitati, Livy 1.28
  88. Villages I conquered
  89. I bore, brought forth and produced
  90. Channel or conduit; naves per ____Panamensem in Oceanum Pacificum veniunt
  91. Of a woman who brings up and instructs
  92. Wars (for poets, anyhow), or a double weight
  93. To get a giraffe, mix 23ac with this (abl. sing.) — vide Horace Epistles 2.1.195
  94. They'll shut up and close
  95. They heard, or you are heard (both forms syncopated)
  96. Elbows, or arms more generally
  97. One born from (masc. voc. sing.), vide Aen. 6.125, ____ sanguine divum
  98. Bagheera, or one of the big cats Caelius nags Cicero about, Ad Fam. 8.9
  99. I spend or pass; a mani ad noctem usque in foro ____ diem, Plautus Most. 534
  100. To sell, to flog off

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