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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 23-August-2021
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 22-August-2021
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 21-August-2021
  1. Vocalist who recorded the classic albums What's Going On and Let's Get It On
  2. Steamy Brazilian dance
  3. Train running without being slowed by track friction
  4. Scottish islet on which curling stones are quarried
  5. Literary detective played on TV by Rowan Atkinson
  6. Administrative division of Russia
  7. Pakistan's third-most populated city
  8. Term of French origin applied to thinly sliced vegetables
  9. Venetian artist born Jacopo Robusti in 1518
  10. French mathematician noted for his work on probability
  11. Italian author of The Name of the Rose
  12. Craft in which pieces of fabric are sewn and overlaid
  13. Semiaquatic creature whose British species include the great crested and palmate
  14. Flat-topped landform overlooking Cape Town
  15. Dry measure equal to one quarter of a bushel
  16. Fruit of certain palm trees
  17. Central part of a church
  18. Lowest-ranking British hereditary title of honour
  19. Woodcutter in a One Thousand and One Nights story
  20. Traditional Hawaiian floral garland
  21. Capital of Malta
  22. Winner of a joint-record 82 PGA Tour golf events
  23. Actress nominated for seven Oscars but not for her role in Casablanca
  24. Inner membrane enclosing an embryonic organism
  25. Early 20th-century US-born British sculptor
  26. Offspring of the witch Sycorax in a Shakespeare play
  27. Sport in which flippers may be used but not an aqualung
  28. Charles - Mackintosh, art nouveau designer
  29. - guard, unit that protected Roman emperors
  30. Adjustable flap on the wing of an aircraft
  31. Many stick out for protective gear north of the border
  32. Feminist author who has written under the names of Rose Blight in Private Eye and Dr G in Oz
  33. Previously silent old lady's stiff and tense
  34. Pole at the bottom, catch endless flipping fish
  35. African state whose flag has a white star set in blue
  36. Wood perhaps one featuring in native story
  37. Frees from obligations imposed on others
  38. The uppermost and broadest part of the pelvis
  39. Mum on edge starts to bring anti-depressants from a part of the kitchen
  40. "If you ____ you'll get the job / In last year's trousers and your old school shoes” (Billy Bragg song lyrics)
  41. Portions of Brassica rapa on January 25th?
  42. Popular Canadian sledges one avoided en route
  43. In Jungian theory, a mental image inherited from early ancestors which is part of our collective unconscious
  44. "History itself has become a ____” (Baudrillard)
  45. Timeless Croatian troubles concerning ministers?
  46. Venus when seen in the western sky after sunset
  47. French bacteriologist who developed an anthrax vaccine
  48. Mammal foremost in trees annually, year after year
  49. Fan hears cracking musical releases
  50. By city of birth, one such as Christopher Columbus
  51. Official nickname of Massachusetts
  52. King Arthur's sword, donated by the Lady of the Lake
  53. Drums, for instance including exotic tabla
  54. Test on NHS reveals veteran's bruise
  55. Patna is the capital of this Indian state
  56. This Only Fools and Horses character, played by Roger Lloyd-Pack, always called Del Boy's brother Dave
  57. Scottish actor who played Spud in Trainspotting (1996)
  58. Ireland featuring in London museum gallery
  59. Writer of something misguided English head of humanities dismissed
  60. Things which, according to a wartime slogan, sink ships
  61. Film in which a van has more than its doors blown off
  62. Morten Harket fronts this palindromic Norwegian band
  63. A riveting trip for a cutter
  64. Right away, Scottish kid good for game in the street
  65. Felix Baumgartner's 2005 descent from this Brazilian statue is claimed as the lowest ever base jump
  66. "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, _____” (Hamlet)
  67. First light rain starts to fall? More than a bit
  68. Early grub with turnip or carrot?
  69. Part of the Atlantic known for its floating seaweed
  70. Very plentiful universal shares bourse floated
  71. "I never forget a face, but I'm going to make an ____ in your case” (Groucho Marx)
  72. The first American to "walk” in space, in 1965
  73. Pipe kept behind bar in vessel
  74. Network one's following up in old lighthouse
  75. Theodore ____ wrote the 1900 novel Sister Carrie
  76. Look on small business to provide part of organ
  77. Unusually, a ____ can fly backwards
  78. Son of Jephunneh, one of the twelve spies sent into Canaan by Moses in the Bible
  79. Lead with choice behind
  80. Sandinista Daniel Ortega is president of this country
  81. Mark Twain novel featuring Tom Canty as a protagonist
  82. Dessert was a failure, lacking depth
  83. Seaside town, home to the Turner Contemporary gallery
  84. Although it had four wheels, the 1885 ____ Reitwagen is recognised as the first motorcycle
  85. Going forth to acquire a book in a commercial style
  86. 1947 play in which a proud but penniless widow moves in with her sister and brother-in-law
  87. "It is through science that we prove, but through ____ that we discover” (Henri Poincaré)
  88. Haji primarily aspires to contain resistance from wives and lovers
  89. The creator of an ingenious gentleman of La Mancha
  90. NHS notification going around quite wrong? Leads to workplace protesting
  91. Fictional kingdom, setting for The Prisoner of Zenda
  92. ____ Grande is the highest mountain in the Apennines
  93. Edinburgh shows qualified fire fighters right to quit
  94. The old track time travelling
  95. There are seven ____ in an Olympic softball game
  96. 1995 Aardman animation in which Wallace and Gromit seek to stop a sheep-rustling dog named Preston
  97. "I was looking for a job and then I found a job / And heaven knows, I'm ____ now” (The Smiths)
  98. Weaverbirds searching endlessly around grassy land
  99. More than one rum as if at parties
  100. "In a universe of blind physical forces and genetic ____, some people are going to get hurt, [. . .] and you won't find any rhyme or reason in it, nor any justice” (Richard Dawkins)

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