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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 25-May-2020
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  1. French mathematician whose 1904 conjecture was confirmed as proven in 2006
  2. Blue cartoon characters who reside in toadstool houses
  3. Cuban ballroom dance
  4. Condition affecting motor co-ordination
  5. Actor whose TV roles include DCI John Luther
  6. Mushtaq -, Pakistani leg-spin bowler who won three county championships with Sussex
  7. Early centre of Christianity
  8. Fabric whose name derives from the capital of Syria
  9. Sebastian -, winner of four consecutive Formula One drivers' championships
  10. Orange-flavoured liqueur from the Caribbean
  11. Traditional Welsh stringed instrument
  12. Novel that introduced readers to Gandalf and Gollum
  13. Ancient philosopher who said: "To go too far is the same as not to go far enough”
  14. 1980s synthpop duo of Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke
  15. Bird on the RSPB's logo
  16. High-pitched vocal register employed by male singers
  17. Wagner opera inspired by the quest for the Holy Grail
  18. Turkish port on the Aegean Sea
  19. Seat of the dukes of Devonshire
  20. - Valentino, 1920s Italian matinee idol
  21. Irrepressible actress who played Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films
  22. Flamboyant band fronted by Bryan Ferry
  23. Beer and lemonade drink
  24. Home of the Norse gods
  25. Martial art in which Jade Jones has won two Olympic golds for Great Britain
  26. Joseph Conrad novel set in the republic of Costaguana
  27. Ex-Soviet EU state
  28. Football club that play home games at Stamford Bridge
  29. Tree of which the Australian wattle is one type
  30. Composer of Carmen
  31. Disastrous, devastating
  32. Many energy drinks are labelled as ____
  33. A passage used in injection moulding, or the material from it, such as the framework holding parts in a modelling kit
  34. Host of The News Quiz on BBC Radio 4 since 2015
  35. Burt Reynolds made his directorial debut with this 1976 action comedy film set in a swamp
  36. Sheets of this plastic material are used on overhead projectors
  37. The wetland plant purple ____ is visible in the Ophelia painting by John Everett Millais
  38. A brood-pouch or egg capsule
  39. Scottish-born philanthropist who said "The man who dies . . . rich dies disgraced”
  40. A venomous arachnid of the Latrodectus genus
  41. The daughter of Al Hirschfield, whose name was frequently hidden in his illustrations
  42. The chairing of the Bard is an important moment in the National ____ of Wales
  43. A cricketer such as Glenn McGrath or Courtney Walsh
  44. Jennifer ____'s first TV appearance was as Calypso in Channel 4's 1992 adaptation of The Camomile Lawn
  45. Leonid Brezhnev replaced ____ in 1964
  46. Northanger Abbey character who leaves James Morland in favour of the wealthier Captain Tilney
  47. Poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide, as often found in bullet-proof vests
  48. Henry James novel of 1879 set in Switzerland and Italy
  49. The Vatican stands in Rome's ____ City
  50. The bird stylised in the logo of Lufthansa
  51. Capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  52. An indigenous people of Kenya and Tanzania
  53. Punt mooring poles
  54. Author and broadcaster who gained fame as co-presenter of Through the Keyhole
  55. A house in Italy or Spain
  56. Verse form first used by Dante in the Divine Comedy
  57. Retired athlete who sometimes commentates in TV coverage of field events
  58. Neighbours is set primarily in ____ Street
  59. One who studies fossils
  60. Narrow-minded principles
  61. Caravaggio work depicting the resurrected Jesus revealing himself to two disciples
  62. American football position close to the tackle
  63. 1999 romantic comedy film starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant
  64. Train of attendants or a funeral procession
  65. The "way of gentleness” as a martial art
  66. Ridden by Ben De Haan, winner of the 1983 Grand National
  67. Property between Community Chest and Income Tax on a standard UK Monopoly board
  68. American folk hero killed during a card game by Jack McCall
  69. Sole living member of the order Tubulidentata
  70. The Prime Minister of Belgium
  71. To divide a word into speech segments
  72. A state of Brazil, its name meaning "thick bush”
  73. Netherlands city which is a hub of radio and television broadcasting
  74. A strong, crease-resistant synthetic fabric
  75. Governing body of open-wheel racing in the USA
  76. Maker of the "violin” bass guitar much used by Paul McCartney
  77. The capital of Upper Austria
  78. The capital of Austria, to Austrians
  79. Ruler's still virtually one foot
  80. More up for it here in Hamburg taking in old service
  81. Whim to embrace cheek before Pastor's light-heartedness
  82. It is in pot making tea of sorts
  83. Increase strength in the morning with shaver
  84. Dutch is in part an old charmer
  85. I'll stand for last of these in compiler that's hard to get wrong
  86. Before noon poet is moving with moderate pace
  87. Annals of Tacitus or Ovid's poem? Sound bit of instruction
  88. Bits of fibre and, informally, juices?
  89. Fitter on trailer modifying attachment
  90. You see this up in Canada — function with Evian, eg
  91. Model in to run a lottery in Perth, perhaps
  92. Newton in undoing argument
  93. Emperor accepted in Tuileries Palace, the prodigious bounder
  94. Smart chap eg expert about northern officer checking wallop
  95. Mittens adjusted appropriately for fine snare
  96. No good and tiny bit of African rhino
  97. Dispatching one, skipper will receive special help for handling cables
  98. PM is more behind exploiting notion it turned out
  99. Locksmith does this on getting into restraints
  100. It's about fluid with a nose mostly

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