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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 23-May-2022
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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 21-May-2022
  1. Ale with a "noticeable hops” flavour according to Camra
  2. Multi-Coloured -, classic children's TV show
  3. Scottish and Irish folk music and dancing event
  4. New Zealand city known for its geysers and hot mud pools
  5. Claudio -, great 20th-century Chilean pianist
  6. Naturally magnetic rock
  7. Drink said to resemble a friar's habit in colour
  8. Pudding made from a starchy palm-derived substance
  9. Double-reeded musical instrument
  10. Distinctive three-star asterism in the winter night sky
  11. Italian-born conductor who released a host of popular light music albums
  12. Painful muscle contraction
  13. Man depicted on Bank of England £10 notes from 1992 to 2003
  14. Udon or soba, eg
  15. Fish of the genus Hippocampus
  16. Sarah -, Britain's most successful Paralympian
  17. 14th-century Italian writer of the Decameron
  18. Historic city near Germany's border with Luxembourg
  19. Greek thinker associated with the pursuit of pleasure
  20. New Order single recorded with the England football team in 1990
  21. Alkaline substance once made by leaching burnt wood
  22. Yorkshire town where Agatha Christie was found after her 1926 disappearance
  23. Author of Gormenghast
  24. Ancient location of the Tomb of Mausolus
  25. Seafaring country of the classical-era Mediterranean
  26. Bond film with Maud Adams playing the title character
  27. Peggy -, Oscar winner for her role in A Passage to India
  28. Ravel piece used in a famous Torvill and Dean ice dance
  29. Legendary king of Phrygia
  30. Larry -, US harmonica virtuoso
  31. Ascorbic acid is the main cure for this disease
  32. London district reached by a southern extension of the Docklands Light Railway in 1999
  33. "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open ____ and die.” (Mel Brooks)
  34. Sci-fi author who created the minisaga, a story of just 50 words
  35. Of a court case, rejected
  36. Iceland's "ring road”, Route 1, was partly ____ until 2019
  37. Monument at the centre of Place Charles de Gaulle
  38. The imprisoned banker in The Shawshank Redemption
  39. In Bleak House, ____ secretly marries Richard Carstone
  40. Salad greens related to chicory
  41. ____, Sweet Charlotte (1964) featured Mary Astor in her final film role
  42. A decree, from Latin for "let it be done”
  43. Rome's Trevi Fountain was turned off and draped in black after the death of this actor in 1996
  44. The bobcat is a type of ____
  45. The BBC's chief news correspondent, 1989-2003
  46. Umbrian city whose cathedral has a west front designed by Lorenzo Maitani
  47. Forerunners of electric refrigerators
  48. Actress best known for her role as Demelza in the costume drama Poldark
  49. Prime minister of Canada, 1968-79 and 1980-84
  50. Capital of Italy's Umbria region
  51. A wine connoisseur
  52. Actress who first appeared as Sharon Watts in EastEnders in 1985
  53. The USA's second largest state
  54. Church festival celebrated on January 6
  55. Old name for a painter of portraits or miniatures
  56. "To live means to finesse the processes to which one is ____” (Bertolt Brecht)
  57. Not subjected to hindrance
  58. What Caesar reportedly said after his Pontic campaign
  59. The structure which houses Big Ben
  60. Sitcom which was a sequel to Till Death Us Do Part
  61. Tony ____ was Spandau Ballet's lead singer
  62. Device which amplifies microwaves
  63. VW model named after a wind from North Africa
  64. Breed of horse often used in dressage and show jumping
  65. In camping, ____ are supported by poles or frames at each end
  66. A policeman or police force, from a PC created by Enid Blyton
  67. A continuous discharge of firearms
  68. "The wife, where danger or ____ lurks, / Safest and seemliest by her husband stays” (Paradise Lost)
  69. Singer who made her film acting debut in The Bodyguard (1992)
  70. Artist who designed the Chupa Chups lollipop logo
  71. Scottish singer-songwriter who fronted new wave band the Tourists
  72. Racing driver who took over the French Ligier team in 1997
  73. Tool typically used to fix or remove spark plugs
  74. In binomial nomenclature, "sempervirens” denotes ____ plants
  75. What absolute power does absolutely, according to Lord Acton
  76. Upper arm bones
  77. As food, the stomach lining of a cow or other ruminant
  78. The inner peel of a citrus fruit
  79. Special bunch of flowers is sent over for techies
  80. Phrase coming from communication area
  81. Fulham and the like once almost lost against girls
  82. King's Head starters for ending the diet!
  83. Term for pension once received by accepted nationalist?
  84. Like vulgar fellow from rocky Ayrshire? Not first in English!
  85. Muslim title mentioned around capital of Yemen?
  86. Tail wagging in shelter for songbird? Could be mine
  87. Ruminant from horror shows?
  88. Winchester high flier
  89. Club with tiddly peer in it quietly dropping off?
  90. One in infectious diseases department finally provides genetic data carrier
  91. Hearing sounds around square reverberating
  92. Silk protested about sharing small money
  93. Not put away, still in spot of bother getting nicked
  94. Spymaster in Tangiers disguised as European expert?
  95. What's said by cast
  96. Guy from Austria, number 3 for Bayern Munich
  97. Drinks from concerns wanting introduction to Tokyo?
  98. Very hot like some casseroles
  99. Border shops strain to get lichen
  100. Will's crush, a juvenile infatuation

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