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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 19-October-2020
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 18-October-2020
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 17-October-2020
  1. Upset ear doctor, one who changes rooms
  2. Finding a penny during repast gets an award
  3. Just past eight, you get squiffy!
  4. Encountered after choice fruit fall
  5. Weirdly alert sons learn to draw etc. here
  6. Point out ineptitude, partially
  7. Polygamist agreeing with 26
  8. Forecast front will come off wicker vessel
  9. After adjusting tie, can't blink
  10. In the distant past, silver article I must hide
  11. Exhaling very very loudly during exercise
  12. Place to convalesce, not quite
  13. Silly pater, nearly dead drunk
  14. Look to include uranium for fine fabric
  15. A pro putt almost acceptable
  16. One not grabbing snake, cornered
  17. Such a bore!
  18. Agitato's played. Why aloud? One needs to speak!
  19. Medic with singular low hum
  20. Made over poetically in cricket club by editor
  21. Nasty vicar's lot drunk with gin
  22. Coat of black and yellowish-brown material
  23. Transplant for one who drinks up
  24. Just one of James's Madame's family in the shade?
  25. Death before a hundred is dry enough
  26. Classic exam, most recent containing one set of books
  27. Salesman put on hat, snakeskin?
  28. Spin tool for ill-gotten gains
  29. Trust fair to supply something juicy
  30. Disrupt urgent nap? Disgusting
  31. Some affection admitted for island
  32. Landed after expedition initially declared
  33. Fake father, I hear, is tactless in France
  34. He said, she said — get knotted
  35. Drive away dead skin (or most)
  36. Risk attempting Prufrock's peachy question?
  37. Short dash to attempt admission
  38. Archipelago formerly known as the Spice Islands
  39. Himalayan -, rampant riverbank plant
  40. Stress hormone
  41. Fine fabric made from the coat of the Angora goat
  42. Final letter in the Greek alphabet
  43. Queen consort of Edward VII
  44. Set of poems by TS Eliot including Burnt Norton, East Coker and Little Gidding
  45. Channel separating Russia from Alaska
  46. Muscular structure that spasms during hiccuping
  47. 17th-century English polymath who pioneered microscopy
  48. Andre -, one of only eight men to have won all four grand-slam singles titles
  49. Scotland Yard associate of Sherlock Holmes
  50. West Yorkshire town with a musically celebrated moor
  51. Nickname of the US flag
  52. France's president
  53. Alan Jay -, My Fair Lady, Camelot and Gigi lyricist
  54. 1974 film starring Jack Nicholson as the private detective JJ Gittes
  55. Principle concerning the number of molecules in gases, formulated by an Italian physicist
  56. Ancient Greek meeting place, especially that of Athens
  57. Apostle martyred on an X-shaped cross
  58. Most populous city within the Arctic Circle
  59. Regency dandy and trendsetter
  60. Building where the lower house of Germany's parliament meets
  61. Emirate whose principal city is the capital of the UAE
  62. Flightless bird, extinct since the mid-19th century
  63. City-state ruled by the House of Grimaldi
  64. - Bentham, chief architect of utiltarianism
  65. Hermann -, Nobel laureate who wrote Steppenwolf
  66. Title of a 2012 Doctor Who episode in which a "slow invasion” by billions of cubes kills a third of humanity
  67. The well-known overture to Verdi's La ____ del Destino starts with sets of three unison Es from the brass and bassoons
  68. Command sometimes given if something is about to fail
  69. Actress who reputedly said "The Germans and I no longer speak the same language”
  70. The only winner of Olympic gold in both the 1500m and 3000m steeplechase
  71. "____ canem” is Latin for "Beware of the dog”
  72. In classical myth, ____ became a spider after her death
  73. To apply (something such as pressure)
  74. Narcissism
  75. Archaically, feeling faint
  76. 100 centavos
  77. 1978 film whose title is prison slang for an escape attempt
  78. One with more than the usual number of fingers or toes
  79. Yaws
  80. 1912 novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs which introduced the character of John Clayton
  81. The killer whale
  82. "And 't is my faith, that every flower / ____ the air it breathes” (Wordsworth)
  83. US singer ____'s cover of I'll Be Home was a 1956 UK No 1
  84. Film actor Vincent ____ was best known for horror roles
  85. Woven fabric made from jute or hemp
  86. Meat from the lower part of an animal's back
  87. Stand-up comic who announced his retirement in 2014
  88. Popularly, an annual event inspired by a 1949 show called Something About a Soldier
  89. Pertaining to birds
  90. Knife-edged mountain ridge between glacial valleys
  91. Mid-1970s ITV sitcom starring Hylda Baker
  92. Informally, sweatpants, possibly not worn for sporting reasons
  93. Earth's ____ begins at an altitude of about 400km
  94. In secret, colloquially
  95. The current president of France
  96. Those kept in place by tholes
  97. Singer, born Mary Brockert, who often collaborated with Rick James
  98. Actress who won an Oscar for her portrayal of June Carter Cash in Walk the Line
  99. Moses and ____ appeared next to Jesus in his Transfiguration
  100. A ruling made by a mufti

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