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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 8-August-2020
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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 2-August-2020
  1. "____ caecus ____”; blinded by love of gold (Aen 1.349)
  2. This fellow here
  3. May they unravel the problem (pres subjunctive)
  4. Look after the slave girl
  5. Patronymic description of Orestes (Aen 4.471)
  6. Innermost; ____ consilia, the most secret cunning plans
  7. Manus ad caelum ____ ut a dis aliquid petas
  8. I have reunited, made friendly again
  9. Praebes, das
  10. I have come into view, become visible
  11. Litus, ripa, margo maris
  12. Let them drag (something) out
  13. Flammis afflictus sum; incensus sum
  14. He ties back; moors his ships; binds a prisoner's hands
  15. Altarium; ____ Pacis Augustae, celebrated the Emperor's achievements
  16. Aeneas's best description of Dido
  17. To be (for) a burden to someone (predicative dative)
  18. Loci virides, floribus ornati
  19. Triumvir nec tenuis nec cultus nomine
  20. To remember (infinitive perfect in form)
  21. Sine capite vir; I laugh and mock at him
  22. Varia; turned in different directions; [flumina] ____ locis (Geo 4.367)
  23. "____ consules”: long live the consuls
  24. Carmine mihi place; sing!
  25. It gapes open; "nec flos ullus ____ pratis” Propertius 4.2.45
  26. A good woman; pudica
  27. School formerly attended by Tucker Jenkins, Imelda Davis and Pogo Patterson
  28. Substance that turns litmus paper red
  29. Parasitic aquatic creature
  30. Japanese venue of the 1972 Winter Olympics
  31. Starfish or sea urchin, eg
  32. Sutton -, Suffolk site of an Anglo-Saxon ship burial
  33. Mammal also known as the prairie wolf
  34. Artist whose The Treachery of Images does not depict a pipe, or so we are told
  35. Dutch exotic dancer and First World War spy
  36. North Macedonia's capital
  37. Dwight D Eisenhower's nickname
  38. French writer of the classic novel Bel-Ami
  39. Joan -, actress who starred in three series of Miss Marple
  40. Garden plant bearing dense clusters of small flowers
  41. National emblem also known as Allium porrum
  42. Highly pungent resin used in some curry dishes
  43. Second-least reactive of the metallic elements
  44. National Hunt champion jockey every season from 1995-96 to 2014-15
  45. Overall winner of the 2018 Tour de France
  46. 1966 debut single for the Jimi Hendrix Experience
  47. City whose name means "the meadows” in Spanish
  48. Craft in which a hook is used to interweave yarn
  49. Meteorological instrument for measuring dewfall
  50. County whose coast forms a UK national park
  51. Premier League-winning goalies Peter or Kasper
  52. Friendly faun in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
  53. Thick syrup made when refining sugar
  54. Pakistan's most widely spoken language
  55. Group of mountain peaks
  56. Seventh incarnation of the god Vishnu
  57. Art gallery owned by Jay Jopling, with two branches in London and one on Hong Kong Island
  58. Another name for hydrogen cyanide
  59. Like his brother Denis, ____ played football for Arsenal and cricket for Middlesex
  60. Disneyland is in this Californian city
  61. Region of western Asia Minor once settled by the Greeks
  62. "Till the injurious Romans did ____ / This tribute from us, we were free” (Shakespeare, Cymbeline)
  63. ____ declared his presidential candidacy on April 25, 2019
  64. Plain white fur used in clothing
  65. Framework allowing a vehicle to carry extra luggage
  66. The Greek god of war
  67. Designating the most negative outcome of something
  68. Also known as the "Cradle of Liberty”, a popular tourist site in Boston, Massachusetts
  69. "Grow great by your example and put on / The dauntless spirit of ____” (Shakespeare, King John)
  70. Star Trek character played by George Takei
  71. Popular eating and cooking apple of Australian origin
  72. ____ plays for Everton and the Nigerian national team
  73. Until 1920, an Italian car manufacturer's acronymic name
  74. Old name for the Mon-Khmer language of Vietnam
  75. Capital of Thessaly and, in myth, the birthplace of Achilles
  76. "____ and wisdom are not opposing values” (Bill Clinton)
  77. The opposite of a vacuum
  78. A North American born of Japanese immigrant parents
  79. Pertaining to kissing
  80. US feminist who co-founded the Women's Media Center with Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan
  81. Early devices used to help those with poor hearing
  82. London's ____ docks opened in 1806 and closed in 1967
  83. UK prime minister whose first term in office came between Disraeli's two
  84. Henrik ____ wrote Hedda Gabler
  85. The first female Ukrainian to break into the top 10 tennis rankings, reaching No 3 in 2017 and 2019
  86. "Whereas an ambiguous statement may be vague by accident or intent, an equivocal one is calculatedly ____” (Bill Bryson, Troublesome Words)
  87. Archaically or in dialect, an ant
  88. Musician and poet who collaborated with Pete Doherty of the Libertines and Babyshambles
  89. Usually, the longer of the two main bones of the forearm
  90. The second-highest civil award for bravery in both Canada and Australia
  91. A rhyming game
  92. In Monty Python's cheese shop sketch, the one mentioned after Venezuelan beaver cheese
  93. The University of Oxford's motto
  94. A Bakewell tart has this almond-based filling
  95. Portia's maid in The Merchant of Venice
  96. A ____ question is one which does not invite an answer
  97. Manager of Sampdoria, and formerly Leicester City
  98. Multi-volume hagiography, started in the 17th century
  99. Zoological term meaning "tailless”
  100. 1996 football single featuring Baddiel and Skinner

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