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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 25-January-2021
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  1. One-time writing partner of Graham Chapman
  2. Novella by Colette about a reluctant courtesan
  3. Oldest singer to enter the UK top ten with an album of new material
  4. Type of macaque commonly kept in captivity
  5. One or two-masted vessel of the Red Sea and beyond
  6. Classic historical sitcom produced by John Lloyd
  7. Early horror film starring Max Schreck
  8. Canine pal of the children's character Sooty
  9. Manchester-based symphony orchestra founded in 1858
  10. Author of Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
  11. Short-haired hunting dog named after a German city
  12. US composer of the experimental piece 4'33”
  13. Edible seed of trees of the genus Juglans
  14. River that flows into a wildlife-rich delta in Botswana
  15. June 6, 1944
  16. Tennis player who reached more grand-slam singles finals than any other
  17. Actress whose eight minutes of screen time in Shakespeare in Love won her an Oscar
  18. TV drama inspired by the book The Covent Garden Ladies
  19. Insect whose UK species may have from two to 24 spots
  20. Subject of the fourth labour undertaken by Hercules
  21. Exclamation meaning "I have found (it)!” in Greek
  22. Owen -, Welsh leader who appears under this name in Henry IV, Part One
  23. Hard yellow Swiss cheese
  24. The -, 1997 film set in post-industrial Sheffield
  25. Whit Sunday
  26. 1977 film retrospectively subtitled A New Hope
  27. French scholar famed for his ill-fated romance with Héloïse
  28. Native American people now mainly living in Oklahoma
  29. Area north of c 66 degrees N
  30. Personal magnetism or a divinely bestowed talent
  31. In Joseph Heller's novel, ____-22 is a no-win situation
  32. ____ tree is another name for false acacia
  33. Conor ____ O'Brien won seats as a member of the (Irish) Labour party and the United Kingdom Unionist Party
  34. Boris Godunov was the best-known role sung by bass opera singer Feodor ____
  35. Whatever ____ Wants is the best-known song from the 1955 musical Damn Yankees
  36. ____ components can be used together without alteration
  37. Take the easiest way at the expense of high standards
  38. Releases pent-up energy — like the 26A in the past
  39. Have a discussion — or the opposite!
  40. London tube station with four Northern line platforms
  41. Something good may fall into one's ____
  42. Villein who occupied a house and land in return for labour
  43. Titled passenger train from Paddington to Penzance
  44. Women's ____, Second World War civilian organisation created to strengthen the agricultural workforce
  45. Substance produced by an endocrine gland, carried in blood to other organs and modifying their function
  46. Introduced laws once again, after a lapse
  47. Southernmost peninsula of Skye, home of a branch of Clan MacDonald
  48. The foremost Anglican _____ is that of 30A
  49. Karma ____, Culture Club's No 1 single from their 1983 album Colour by Numbers
  50. Principal seaport of Sri Lanka, which Nelson called one of the world's best natural harbours
  51. Relating to the liver
  52. Capital and second largest city of Nebraska
  53. ____'s first published mystery was Last Bus to Woodstock
  54. An upper chamber in a large medieval house
  55. In card play, an attempt to take a trick with a possible rather than definite winner, hoping to gain an extra trick
  56. His first major poetic work was The Shepheardes Calender
  57. A sweetened form of oloroso sherry
  58. Starter very commonly served in Britain in the 1970s
  59. British rowers won the men's ____ four at every Olympic games from 2000 to 2016
  60. Show absolutely no concern about something
  61. Scottish crime-writer whose characters include the detective Karen Pirie and the psychologist Tony Hill
  62. Michael ____'s televised travel included a circumnavigation
  63. Long for British car that's small
  64. Lacking respect, Independent MP sacked leaving obligations
  65. Religious mystery showing in state capital, nothing less
  66. Rather engaging term used in Queensland
  67. Face model after work
  68. Tinder provided by one crazy man in Durban
  69. Bridge system in place not entirely backed
  70. Cattle pens time after time overturned? Almost
  71. Jag seals about right for saloon worker?
  72. Marshal reloading number of linked mines
  73. No Scottish banks make a loud noise for lady
  74. Insect up sticks caught
  75. Free men close ranks originally to be different
  76. Narrow-minded on large island
  77. Opening item in programme not started
  78. Work out too much in public, then shower
  79. Heard order for starter is sweet
  80. Prearranged call top agent put out for spy
  81. Enter vehicle to get home, a rudimentary one
  82. New ideas leader put out for forensic test
  83. Romeo and a smitten former lover
  84. Nearly all having gone north lied about Murrayfield beating
  85. Justification for absorbing mature port charges
  86. Coarse snuff apparently in traditional Angus enclosure
  87. Armed warriors clear, marches banned
  88. Upset one on bench
  89. Troublesome situation in fish pond
  90. Sellers perhaps fastest to make a public statement
  91. Raising a tax shelter externally
  92. Rake over very small area below Italian mansion, bottom of garden
  93. Play at once excited? I'm not sure
  94. Witness leaving with oddly small maps in the corner
  95. Note on raw recruit Republican sent out for Congress
  96. Greek money as before left out for bulk carriers
  97. What's turned up in morning-after pill box?
  98. Judge accommodates number previously cut
  99. I know I've got it: novi
  100. Vehemens amatrix ut Corinna, Ov. Am. 2.17.7

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