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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 2-December-2019
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  1. Interim capital of Pakistan, 1957-65
  2. Piece of cotton used in medical procedures
  3. Caribbean island that forms a country with Nevis
  4. Joan -, surrealist painter born in Barcelona
  5. One of the two basic lifts performed in Olympic weightlifting
  6. Regular opinion column in this newspaper
  7. Lofty nest of an eagle
  8. Willow tree or one of its branches used in basket-making
  9. Early 20th-century form of jazz
  10. Unique identifier displayed in the periodic table of elements
  11. Supreme Norse god
  12. Classical venue for chariot races
  13. Film musical about a group of aspiring performers
  14. Instrumental piece played between the sections of an opera
  15. Flower adopted as a symbol by the Tudors
  16. David -, eight-time winner of the London Marathon wheelchair race
  17. Dickens novel featuring the characters Arthur Clennam and Jeremiah Flintwinch
  18. Balearic island known for its nightlife
  19. Old-fashioned type of computer printer
  20. Alternative name for a Carmelite monk
  21. Ian Dury's backing band
  22. Latin phrase: subject to final approval of details
  23. Russian count who gave his name to a beef dish
  24. Part of a concert hall occupied by the crowd
  25. Official flag of the British Merchant Navy
  26. Tree of the genus Acer
  27. Polish city, birthplace of the pianist Artur Rubinstein
  28. - of Elea, Ancient Greek formulator of paradoxes
  29. 2019 World Cup-winning captain
  30. 2019 World Cup-winning captain
  31. City incorporated with Jaffa in 1950
  32. Thick cut of beef fillet steak, usually serving two people
  33. Wader with a long horizontally flattened beak
  34. Informally, a Radio 4 comedy show first broadcast in 1978
  35. France's Opal coast is in this department
  36. An outgoing, socially confident person
  37. Tree of the Caledonian forest, also seen in EH Shepard's illustrations in Winnie the Pooh
  38. Technology firm based in Mountain View, California
  39. "That fellow seems to me to possess but one ____, and that is a wrong one” (Samuel Johnson)
  40. & 32A: Irish novelist who wrote Tara Road
  41. Outer markings on a tennis court
  42. Lippo ____, quattrocentro artist who painted Madonna and Child Enthroned
  43. Vishnu avatar, often depicted with a bow and arrow
  44. See 24A
  45. Members of a Protestant Church originating in 1772 as a revival of the Bohemian Brethren
  46. Home ground of Warwickshire County Cricket Club
  47. Area of late 19th and early 20th-century popular music publishing, around New York's West 28th Street
  48. The ____ suit, late 19th century dress for children, was inspired by Reginald B Birch's illustrations in a novel
  49. Six ____ is 720
  50. Round Table seat kept for the knight who would succeed in the quest for the Grail, fatal to others who sat in it
  51. Standard monetary unit of Honduras
  52. Lady Tremaine is Cinderella's ____
  53. In their six matches against England, ____'s national football team drew with them three times, then lost three times
  54. Foxes and rabbits may be squatters in these homes
  55. Largest US national park, mostly in northwest Wyoming
  56. Michael Le Vell's character in Coronation Street
  57. Plant native to southern Europe, with finely divided leaves, also known as the fennelflower
  58. In Germany this is called Krankenstand
  59. Blissfully happy — "superlunary” apparently
  60. Lake ____ is the largest lying wholly in Switzerland
  61. Aircraft or anti-aircraft cannon, named after the Zurich district where it was made
  62. From ____ Town Pier, the world's oldest surviving cast iron pier, you can catch a ferry to Tilbury
  63. Point where a leaf or twig is attached to a stem
  64. Denmark's second largest city, European Capital of Culture in 2017, along with Paphos in Cyprus
  65. Composer of the ballet Agon, first performed in 1957
  66. The first Patricia Cornwell novel featuring Kay Scarpetta
  67. Cricket fielding position between the slips and point
  68. Actress who plays Fleabag's godmother
  69. Quite the opposite across the Channel
  70. The model of chivalry in Arthurian romance
  71. Former marine industry which was physically taxing and dangerous for its main workers
  72. The last Cambridge college to admit women, in 1988
  73. Capacity for rational, especially highly developed, thought
  74. The Russell-Einstein ____ of 1955 led to the peace-seeking Pugwash Conferences
  75. German city, nicknamed "Quadratestadt”, as its streets are laid out in a grid pattern
  76. Forename of Lautner, Momsen or Swift
  77. A grassy treeless plain in South America
  78. "River Thames or ____” say OS maps, for stretches above Dorchester
  79. Pretending to carry costly weapon
  80. Latest Sun delivery at last for Baltimore paperboy
  81. Cinema club's half missing the most exciting part
  82. Clay court initially coarse, start of play put off
  83. Wrong thing for arousal — take right off!
  84. Direct Scottish broadcast beginning on TV
  85. Too lax at sea to catch large amphibian
  86. Perhaps Henry's marine fish, not bass
  87. Dash to independent college concerned with doctrine of purpose
  88. Exact opposite's pointed out in two different articles
  89. Rob once a governor Head ignored
  90. Carpet fully woven band of fabric
  91. Not all discotheque menfolk repelled fast Aussie bird
  92. Cantor lit up singers
  93. One who's present upset about carer finishing early
  94. Hidden in wilderness? Yes!
  95. Exercises? Yes, reduced weight once
  96. Leading journalist associated with declining circulation
  97. Offence on Henry one concerning Sri Lankan
  98. Langer's article covers golf irons
  99. Sound of body after divorcee gets discharge
  100. Official proceedings given by player on the radio

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