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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 17-February-2019
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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 10-February-2019
  1. Footballer whose partnership with Alan Shearer led to them being referred to as The SAS
  2. Flying circus pilots do this concerning fear when Baron flies
  3. Dull or lifeless, from the Latin for 'blunt
  4. Let Romeo tie up fallen star?
  5. Special hair dyes in fixed amounts
  6. Solo players are dismal when opening ends
  7. Romanian dictator Nicolae ____ was executed by firing squad in 1989
  8. From a number of organs, the Italian for 'face to face
  9. A nark amongst Nero's servants
  10. ____ is able to be seen on French green
  11. A deposit which gets blown — not so much about nothing
  12. Catchphrase of the History Today sketches of David Baddiel and Rob Newman
  13. Film about site of early growth in Minoan trading places
  14. The backing band of John ____ was the Bluesbreakers
  15. A light cavalry soldier
  16. Core of unpretentious poems
  17. Hello stranger!
  18. Winner of the English fillies' triple crown in 1985
  19. The front of a ship
  20. Uplifting trend over blooming excise
  21. Turkish commander almost let slip trumpeters
  22. A term for drunkenness, which may seem to mean the opposite
  23. Yellow brick road destination
  24. Town near 14, best known for carpet making
  25. With joint shady tricks gardeners cut into stock to make this
  26. Secret, and self-contained, and solitary as an ____' (A Christmas Carol)
  27. We mess up willfully still true to form
  28. The ____, a 1952 nautical swashbuckler starring Burt Lancaster
  29. Comedian who appeared several times as Professor Proton in The Big Bang Theory
  30. Eliot rocking on a rocker went pale
  31. In North American slang, tall and skinny
  32. Mahatma Gandhi's policy of passive resistance to British rule
  33. Lie about trooper, say, back to trudge around the Trossachs
  34. A ____ helps the medicine go down
  35. Muhammad's birthplace
  36. Walk over roughly being sadly fashionable but safe anyhow
  37. One old name for the day before pancake day
  38. Transport integral to major orders from the east
  39. Tragic hero of Greek mythology whose name means 'swollen foot
  40. John finally trimmed cheap prototype
  41. Fast downhill ski runs
  42. A whiff of Mumbai? Live and die curried
  43. Without Conservatives city centre declined seemingly forever
  44. 1981 comedy film starring Dudley Moore
  45. With Trinny Woodall, co-author of What Not to Wear
  46. Carminative "seeds” I bag in the outback?
  47. Cold axeman who's keen to get a plug, I guess
  48. A fee piously thrown over, certainly ironically
  49. Bette, say, axing male who can't motivate himself
  50. Actor whose breakout role was as Joey Tribbiani in Friends
  51. Current president of the FIA
  52. Drove away from Slough round a couple of roundabouts
  53. Brazilian footballer who scored 21 goals for Chelsea, 2012-2017
  54. Heart of harangue in proportion
  55. Seventh-century Northumbrian king and saint; given name meaning 'rich friend
  56. Informally, a practitioner of psychological therapy
  57. English philosopher and author of Leviathan
  58. Pop on old fur turbans
  59. Greetings following present Sikh guardian
  60. Rock band formed in 1994 by former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl
  61. Former company making batteries, torches and bicycle lamps
  62. City whose official name was New Sarum until 2009
  63. Come to understanding clue a tad differently
  64. Time to celebrate son moving in usherette, or some such
  65. Informal name for various ulcerative skin diseases
  66. Author of Les Propheties
  67. A self-taught person
  68. Retain at all times flipping wonky paper
  69. Relating to a government whose leader has absolute power
  70. Small box close to unknown classy dog
  71. Teflon don' John Gotti was convicted when 'Sammy the Bull' Gravano turned ____
  72. Religious system based on the teachings of Lao-tzu
  73. English hurry writ of execution no longer
  74. He Was Despised, in Handel's Messiah, is a da capo ____
  75. Capital of Asturias, in northern Spain
  76. Lake monkey, we hear, showing tender softness
  77. American dish made from maize and lima beans
  78. Another name for the hazelnut
  79. Conditions of being like Noah's arks?
  80. Oil company, now merged with Chevron, which makes Havoline oils
  81. Old suit in lodgings daughter chucked out
  82. A likeness and in English a stage of insect development
  83. They're away, not here
  84. Very, very naughty, like Dennis the Menace and Minnie the Minx?
  85. When — adv. and conj. used with a variety of moods and tenses
  86. You lot will give evidence (dep. testor, testari)
  87. I'm going to ask (rogabo), seek (poscam), attack (aggrediar)
  88. Qui suam pecuniam numerabat dum regina panem cum melle edebat?
  89. Caecilio ____: by Caecilius who was wide-eyed in wonder
  90. They were waiting
  91. I fixed unalterably or sanctioned: sancio, sancire, ____, sanctus
  92. I was perfect
  93. Those women, a nom. demon. pronoun
  94. A bed or couch: lectus, eg Dido's golden one, Aen. 1.698
  95. I tell a joke and they laugh: dico unum ridiculum, ____
  96. Adv. in the opposite direction, vide eg Aen. 3.690
  97. Burdened by fate and bitter fall: fortuna casuque ____ acerbo, Cat. 68.1
  98. She had said (pluperf., act., indic.)
  99. Stern: ____ pater, eg Ovid Amores 1.15.17
  100. I don't believe it', Victor Meldrew: Plautus Casina 356 is similar

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