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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 26-January-2020
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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers - 20-January-2020
  1. Unleavened bread eaten during Passover
  2. Short thrusting sword in use until the 17th century
  3. British name for an x-ray device used in shoe shops during fitting in the mid-20th century
  4. Actor who played butler Benson in the US sitcom Soap
  5. According to the Church of England's Table of Kindred and Affinity, a man may not marry his ____
  6. A mother who gave birth when over 100 years old, according to chapter 5 of Genesis
  7. Brand name shown on many speed cameras
  8. Devon town, with England's most westerly racecourse
  9. The snowflake genus
  10. An unskilled computer hacker who makes use of existing code
  11. Handel pastoral opera based on characters in Ovid's Metamorphoses
  12. Box from which cards are dealt in a casino
  13. Lover of Pegeen in The Playboy of the Western World
  14. Small pipe on the side or roof of many houses
  15. 1979 album by Fleetwood Mac
  16. Thomas Hardy poem about the evening chorus of birds
  17. A catafalque is often used in this ceremonial event
  18. Obsolete double reed instrument pitched below the oboe
  19. Author of the Inspector Morse novels
  20. In Roman myth, a son of the vestal virgin Rhea Silvia
  21. Ancient Scandinavian brass instrument
  22. Form of alternative medicine, devised by Mikao Usui
  23. The fact-obsessed school board superintendent in Hard Times
  24. Jean Hill, witness to the assassination of John F Kennedy, was known as the ____
  25. Air-filled skull cavity, a Latin word meaning "curve” or "pocket”
  26. Sport named after a Warwickshire school
  27. National anthem whose original title translates as "War Song for the Army of the Rhine”
  28. Artistic presentation in which performers are motionless
  29. "The ____s were silver, / Which to the tune of flutes kept stroke” (Antony and Cleopatra)
  30. The sum of four consecutive primes, the first being 193
  31. Name for a Cambridge University undergraduate course
  32. Driver who in 1995 became (and remains) the youngest ever winner of the World Rally Championship
  33. Comic actor who played Ken in the "Suits you” sketches
  34. Canadian crime comedy series about mountie Benton Fraser's adventures in Chicago
  35. Jamaican-born US 400m runner, world No 1, 2005-09
  36. If you do this in bridge, your opponents will almost certainly score 50 or more points above the line
  37. In spite of what has just been stated
  38. 19th-century Italian painter best known for his Alpine landscapes
  39. Canadian author of The Handmaid's Tale
  40. Singer whose 2010 debut album Lights entered the UK charts at No 1
  41. The Girls of ____ is a Muriel Spark novel about hard times in Kensington in 1945
  42. A male or female factotum
  43. Bernard ____ was a fictional scientist on 1950s BBC TV
  44. Colourless viscous liquid used to sweeten food and thicken liqueurs
  45. Mammal with lips but no teeth
  46. Not the ____ which blows no man to good' (Pistol, in King Henry IV)
  47. Ferdinand II of ____ and Isabella I of Castile were Spain's "Catholic Monarchs”
  48. Pike-like fish of the Belone genus
  49. Religious army receives blow — old-style shields needed
  50. Rows of hawks guarding place
  51. The row we have here about core of party becoming less wet?
  52. Something ropy, second best thing
  53. Fish requiring much filleting chap obtained for nothing
  54. Next in line is trembling
  55. Spot someone not quite in the top level of society?
  56. Bard's offspring, not quite 15, suffering setback
  57. Sugar found in medicinal doses
  58. Governor didn't stand up to censure
  59. Synagogue surprisingly lush
  60. Hot toil is tricky — help needed to keep balance
  61. Seaweed as fertiliser perhaps round middle of field
  62. Part of plant in hospital submerged in flood
  63. Put in border in church as prime bit of embellishment
  64. Right to enter second exam, responding well after failure?
  65. Fruits in northern areas wrecked by minimal sun
  66. Departs, first to go off edge
  67. Squat little son, round and fat
  68. For cactus it's cold there!
  69. What can clear stuff in port? Get strainer out
  70. Language as before for Romans
  71. The thing carried by soldier is a clothes box
  72. Benevolence finally with Christmas coming up — money for Africans
  73. Peridot I like, not half — unusual green mineral
  74. Eastern girl eats half of repast — evidence of gastric problem?
  75. Nasty Tories seen as offensive
  76. Close-fitting garment? Rejoice - it's stirring
  77. A not completely cloudy air — one can see through it
  78. Primate — evangelical Scotsman?
  79. Nurse enthralling South Africa with any number in that country according to some
  80. Old beans and peas in terrible soups — start of 9!
  81. Restrain priest repeatedly in difficult situation
  82. Goddess indicating sequence of characters in faerie
  83. Game requiring tons in boxes
  84. Impression created initially when turning up in kilt etc?
  85. The deepest river: ____ amnis
  86. By month (by mind, caveas)
  87. She will apply and she will fit
  88. (People who are) staring, common gender nom., acc. ppl.
  89. Twice, deux fois, zweimal
  90. Things that are wished for, n. pl nom., acc. perf. pass. ppl.
  91. ____ ramis laurea: bay tree crowded with branches, Hor. Odes 2.15.9
  92. Is, ea, id, etc — f. sing. acc.
  93. To be left over, to survive
  94. Dum spirant, ____: whilst they breath, they have hope
  95. To be raised or razed: elevari aut perdi
  96. Let's party! Let's big (aliquid) up (hortatory subj.)
  97. He swims towards, eg Leander to Hero
  98. How many lovers did Lesbia take? CCC, Catullus 11.18
  99. They stand firm, lie at anchor: ____ litore puppes Aen. 6.901
  100. He went — syncopated, colloquial eg Cic. Ad Fam.

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