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  1. Diameter over velocity plus volume over area in space-time, say
  2. From this place or time onwards
  3. Rotation of soil by first person in English and French and Mexican community farms
  4. Cubiturus tunicas ____: about to hit the hay he takes his kit off
  5. Art going to get stuck briefly in outback shelter
  6. They bridled (horses) and governed (the masses), short form
  7. Oscar bagged by monochrome film's sex symbol
  8. Old-timer's poem about disheartened alcoholic's aid for biochemical change
  9. ____, lavit, rediit: she went, she showered, she came back
  10. Leaves to chew over accepting the Arabic form of Islamic divorce
  11. He sees and notices
  12. I'm free: in sensu vacuus, qua dicebat Mr Humphries
  13. Never failing to include island celebs from S American republic
  14. Red previously seen in unfinished Gauguin, perhaps
  15. To gather around, crowd
  16. Oil lamp in regular use by dairyman
  17. It's medium in South Australia, not large in Perth
  18. Darts, spears, 2nd n. dat., abl., pl: hastis, telis
  19. For example 13 fire into rabbit fur worn on head
  20. High priest interrupted by chief ambassador
  21. Mi impedimento ____, Ter. Andria 707: y'all are in my way
  22. Low-level software returned each of consecutive letters
  23. Maybe a wash-out celebrity welcomes team by way of note
  24. Quare? Why? Pourquoi?
  25. Below, underneath, adv. and prep. + acc.
  26. It is about containing breach in odd places in pirate ships of yore
  27. Step up energy to undermine energy-efficiency indicator
  28. To grill: percontor, sciscitor (1st conj. simplex)
  29. Volk seen going walkabout in this?
  30. (People) rejoicing, eg the choir of friends Geo. 1.346
  31. Younger aged shield-bearer never seeing king or one with regal bearing
  32. Alone you live (3rd conj.) and residents (dat., abl. pl)
  33. Don't be afraid to laugh, see Tibullus 1.4.21 for construction
  34. Group of stars people generally put on uniform after sailor changes into uniform
  35. He stands out and is prominent: eminet, enitet
  36. From country parts of America, Alabama's plucked down under owls
  37. Power of reflection: that of verse reduced worthless talk
  38. I slipped the lead and decamped unnoticed: evado, ~ere, etc
  39. Old maid's shock, carrying maiden over lake
  40. Brides: hae mox coniungentur
  41. Staring and admiring (nom. sing. communis genus, dep.)
  42. Egypt's sunny representative rejected polite but informal refusal
  43. Preserve an opportunity to speak with artist to set up Hindu school
  44. Happy hour: hora ____
  45. Table-cooked food is very soft, some held by wood implements at first
  46. Numbers busy cutting fruit tree short to reveal low church window
  47. I'm about throw, I'll brag (me ____)
  48. Second for Cambridge as light blue
  49. Most of Scots know Dollar stores British cheese there
  50. Protection, and so prison (f. gen. sing): tutelae, carceris
  51. Chemist's employees against attention directed to the Left
  52. Poet's prodigious pen: see answer above
  53. Spring (nec fons nec hora sed quod facit agniculus), 4th abl.
  54. In ____ Cupidinis: in Cupid's cuddle
  55. Decoration on band twisting middle of knee and wrist