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1-July-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Killer at sea, maybe 30 seconds from holiday island
  2. Husband denied knowing development of plot
  3. Charlie stuffs party bags for little nippers
  4. Regularly failing ports? Ask our computer geeks
  5. Condition of Rex after treatment "doing ok”, I left hospital
  6. Snapper needing a breather after climbing a peak
  7. Cross in second area burned down
  8. Helmsman, absurd, taking front of boat in vain
  9. Gold chain worn by old paramilitaries in that particular role
  10. Ask a man who's inside, twice, to rouse the butler
  11. Big Apple contingent, latterly accommodated as eg Tamworth sleeper movement
  12. Scoff after one probes ally's body for old death portent?
  13. Oddly lazy opinion took off — Aristotle's one of us?
  14. Grasses up lazy robber, not all there
  15. Live bar music's ending — and tricolour's waving
  16. Put an end to gossip — and stop one tweeting
  17. After cycling, able to hold ten glasses of beer, maybe, or wine
  18. Drumming and cheers perhaps having kicked bottle round and round
  19. Surely where French, not English, is in credit?
  20. Walk covered in Packer broadcast
  21. To go off carrying trailer, something long Victoria had picked up: this?
  22. Asking to be released from Eng Lit briefly to visit motoring group's festival
  23. Politician that fans of The Sun would want if returned?
  24. Too much Lambrusco? That's about a flute
  25. Unsuitable as fare: halve that after journey's abandoned quietly
  26. Pointed way leaving firm
  27. Rubber of bridge in Monaco: Scotsman leads top cards
  28. Spiritual leader and Zulu consequently tango in a sort of skirt