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  1. Civitas ____ ____ a state has been set up; she has been taught
  2. Content of alpha rays dispersing across power line
  3. Tip on training one football team's ability to tighten things up
  4. You knew, had got to know (2s pluperfect nocso)
  5. Home-brew passes around group of drinkers in the family
  6. European magistrate's time in ME capital
  7. Quote theory that's been oddly overlooked, say
  8. "Capita, umeri, ____, digiti pedum”: heads, shoulders, knees and toes
  9. Walter's charming fellow miner Karen's crazy for
  10. In times long ago, recalled Cockney singer gaping
  11. As big as, the image of: "____ montis equum” the wooden horse (Aen 2.15)
  12. Dictionary happening to contain note in post for steward
  13. Caverna vestra rates celat
  14. We make a sound; canimus, fortasse
  15. Tropical bird with hard, round bill that was unknown at home
  16. Poeta P. ____ Naso Amores scripsit
  17. Signo dato ____ profecti sunt: they all set off at the same time
  18. Flumen Oxoniense, dea Aegyptia
  19. Folding altarpiece cloth, twice partially at the edges wrinkled
  20. Job following this native from Tartu via Lahti?
  21. "Cena ____ ____ et flebo si id volo”: it's my [dinner] party and I'll cry if I want to
  22. Palam, in the presence of (+ abl)
  23. Flooded out after cutting pipe down
  24. Cease taking public transport, not to walk around Glasgow
  25. Ingens, immensus, immitis; monstrous in most senses
  26. Short break in a type of film showing an anteater
  27. Savage, maybe cross at heart with expert using long words so?
  28. Tranquillitas, silentium; dura ____ the sleep of death (Aen 10.745)
  29. Drug, one drunk, dealing with onset of tetanus in one breaking leg
  30. After year book, torn and no longer used, incinerated
  31. Chaps all of one mind
  32. Tango: dance seen in Tibetan balls?
  33. Shy woman left behind absorbing legal documents and flyer
  34. Belligerent cries from attention seeker getting in the way of large meeting earlier
  35. Non culpandus, innocens
  36. Test, cycling up to find seabirds
  37. Pater ____ colendi (Georgics 1.121): the god of agriculture himself
  38. Struck by church turning sophisticated
  39. Athletae 18 ____ incitare solent in flumine Tamesi (praeter hunc annum)
  40. Death of military alliance, seconds after which base abandoned
  41. With a complaint (4th decl abl), iratus potius quam aeger
  42. Incensa flammis afflicta erat
  43. Free-born men, noble and frank; liberales
  44. Weaver attaching arrangement of hair on to which end?
  45. I bend, twist or turn about; or I mark with an accent
  46. Things needing to be purified with water
  47. Blunted, dull (ppp obtundo -ere)
  48. Saw centre from Kuwaiti XI despicably pulled back
  49. Once used to talk over one's friend at first, rudely interrupting
  50. The pillars of the hall, holding up the roof around the impluvium
  51. Dreams of Scottish women's charity chasing pennies no longer
  52. Spartan meal, never filling, scarcely satisfies: inept idea!