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  1. Royal couple making double echo over disturbing broadcast
  2. Mixed-load carrier with breadth limited by wheel shapes
  3. Poet's rule about verse is extremely bombastic?
  4. Jerk with resistance measures switching extremes
  5. Not having enough excitement to grip European, a road somewhere in Bedfordshire
  6. Erase fifth letter in a jumble involving third square in anagram form?
  7. Born fairly recently, having heart defect, feeling cold in some parts
  8. Opposite of his little snags?
  9. Related partial U-turn of CTC to those sending signals?
  10. Combination of likes and gripes in a form of chess
  11. Demolish ickiest of human settlements
  12. Terrible discomfort, losing every third in multiple divisions
  13. Reclusive teen and I stun pollsters on short walk
  14. Nanny's answer affected toff
  15. Ghost essentially appearing where feast is cut short, twice?
  16. Relaxed briefly under exotic khaki and white pines
  17. Caribbean provincial, apparently one subjected to suppression
  18. Glaswegian personal trainer shedding two layers?
  19. Opening of Bard's own Shakespearean club
  20. Catering chain sinking billions into turning drink container round
  21. Part of gullet in oryx, one without parents taking irregular turns?
  22. Cross meeting lack of firmness in jaw
  23. Desire abnormal purge after census
  24. Rude noise that's surprising famous person upending huge wine bottle
  25. Previously checked Poles were going out
  26. Left my aunt to go north, collecting East Germany's fabulous ash
  27. Hardly an Arabian man suggesting forgiveness?
  28. Royal attendant overlooking leader keeps inches away, lifting blackcurrant plant
  29. One who "maximises" each height, height embracing possibly dull lives
  30. Bring up Canadian media theorist, then dismiss left-centre prophet