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  1. Say landed gentry's ultimate in social justice?
  2. Shrine of Rome's first priest as leading to wrath
  3. ... there oil seal (storing one kilojoule) is getting dragged over snow
  4. Temperature within my gunge, spread like spiced custard?
  5. Briefly clash like Sharks and Jets, animatedly in music, over snitch's spot
  6. Natural Rastafarian food giving virtually regular eliminations?
  7. Groan maybe, endlessly interrupted by band on the road and loutish toff
  8. Swimmers err, as almost having outer parts amputated by this piranha
  9. Boston's uncoordinated release includes hot record
  10. Scot's stupid amount of money to send fraudulent email?
  11. Indian corporal related uprising across area
  12. Primate in gold coat desiring to cycle wearing fluttery boa
  13. Overrun by infants mostly, check leather straps
  14. Hydraulic cement ingredient, phosphorus, unknown amount in very particular hard stuff made by Greeks from the east
  15. A round plate visible during an intermission
  16. With annoyance, earlier generation divided by new railway
  17. Blend of Dijon containing Tabasco water, right for wildcat
  18. Whale blubber from jerks in Saskatchewan ...
  19. Salaryman's business card: one constitutes a greeting
  20. Partridge nestling, not the second caught by men
  21. Forgetting answer, omit puzzling with head like a sieve
  22. Tablecloth expected to cover board for pontoon
  23. Two kings Europe brought into New Zealand to support fish as extreme authoritarian emblem
  24. French demanding protection of wild fruit by departure
  25. Rumoured Irish to be excluded from mockery in rebound
  26. Extremes of zoophysiology see red, short part of skull
  27. Letter returned by Post Office in operations centre
  28. Kind heart of Lysander guarding house of Greek monster