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  1. Name of an area in both central London and Manhattan
  2. Suffering complete dirty look
  3. Lord Snowdon made flashy connections here in Oxford, eg
  4. Saris mainly made in Bangladesh's capital city
  5. British general who died in the hour of victory when capturing Quebec from the French in 1759
  6. Signalling device seen on some old vehicles
  7. German that is behind weak letter to Hebrew
  8. "I do not literally paint that ____, but the emotion it produces upon me” (Matisse)
  9. My! Pun does flop — Lewis Carroll's one
  10. Drupe fruits with flesh firmly attached to the pit
  11. Edible fruit of trees in the genus Corylus, part of the birch family
  12. Work's unit extracting boron from mountain
  13. Archaically, that which may ring to signal danger
  14. 2020 Dua Lipa album which was No 1 in 12 countries
  15. She crams on old mask
  16. Time for journo to joke in new essay about hurtful disciple
  17. Gary Busey starred in the 1978 biographical film The ____
  18. Surname of Keith who formed a prog rock group in 1970 with Greg and Carl
  19. Iconic space vessel of the Star Wars films
  20. Chipmunks pick up experience
  21. I delivered plant
  22. Stand-up whose 2017 tour was called An' Another Fing
  23. Bacterial infection, resistant to antibiotics, which spread outside healthcare settings in the 1990s
  24. 1985 epic war film based on King Lear, its name being Japanese for "chaos”
  25. Skin on poultry, say, is pale, try tossing
  26. Extraordinary bit of info I have is able to be refined
  27. Masonry, typically used for facing, of square-cut stones
  28. Footballer whose Liverpool and England captaincies were followed by one on A Question of Sport
  29. The holy of holies
  30. Crown in commotion causes a crux
  31. Clothing retailer which overtook Marks & Spencer to become the UK's largest in 2012
  32. Early 21st-century colloquialism, meaning "completely”
  33. County town of Tipperary
  34. Loud husband standing in for lecturer is frightening
  35. Author of the 1998 novel About a Boy
  36. Transfer a hundred bucks in trade
  37. Inhabitant of a region now comprising parts of northern Sudan and southern Egypt
  38. Many amongst Sturgeon's sort relish getting fresh order
  39. Capital of Georgia
  40. In law, actual evidence that a crime has been committed
  41. Small boggy pool (good tip of yours) conceivably means fungi
  42. Barred absent member first to be beset by trouble
  43. They Shoot Horses, Don't They? was a 1977 hit for ____
  44. A greyhound emerges from a ____ at the start of a race
  45. Norwegian city, home of the world's northernmost medieval cathedral
  46. Drink's flipping sex and sex appeal
  47. Caliph's offspring picked up discontinued female garment
  48. George Eliot novel subtitled The Weaver of Raveloe
  49. City on the Moselle, thought to be Germany's oldest
  50. Bundle broken twigs for plant cleaner
  51. Beta blocker used to treat hypertension and migraine
  52. Once the English knock getting going in Spenser
  53. Description of Africa popularised in the title of an 1878 book by Henry Morton Stanley
  54. A tea-like infusion of herbs or flowers
  55. A welcome bit of sashimi?
  56. Form of baccarat enjoyed by James Bond
  57. Genus whose only living member is the edible dormouse
  58. Haulage rig? It reversed in something like a curve
  59. Secular subsidiary finding deposit in South Africa
  60. Generic name for a pet dog, from Latin "I trust”
  61. Goalkeeper with two Scotland caps, signed by Rangers in June 2020 after two seasons with Sunderland
  62. The ____ is a 1992 satirical film about Hollywood, starring Tim Robbins and Greta Scacchi
  63. This is what gets races off — tip off each new day with stable bet
  64. Oddball daughter is to be more tanky than Trotsky, say
  65. Informally, a person whose identity is unconfirmed
  66. Cartoon film seen as the debut of Mickey Mouse
  67. Sleight of hand
  68. Death is time to get into ethics
  69. Fool with stiff carriage, mostly little sticks with one
  70. 1974 single by Paul McCartney and Wings, named after McCartney's black labrador
  71. A ____ curve is formed by a cord hanging from two points
  72. "I mean the whispered ones, for they are yet but ear-kissing ____” (King Lear)
  73. London venue with the UK's second largest pipe organ
  74. Tonic drink of two unknowns not quite blending
  75. "It is not ____ you're wearing out, / But human creatures' lives” (Thomas Hood, Song of the Shirt)
  76. Indian surveyor uses this pompous snort of scepticism, say
  77. Antelope of southern Africa, normally with slender white vertical stripes and (males only) spiral horns
  78. Metaphor turned on a lime, say
  79. Of a part of the body, swollen, or of literature, pompous
  80. Must go with patchy start to enalapril . . . it boosts good blood
  81. A Hindu faith teacher or mystic
  82. Smart about relative's ecclesiastic authority
  83. ____ at coastguard stations may warn of high winds