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  1. In Greek myth, mother of the Nereids
  2. Bundle of wires that's kept above that may be insulated
  3. Channels for water running away from waterwheels
  4. The capital of Afghanistan
  5. Centre storing rupees — lots of them
  6. Portable toilet leans awkwardly
  7. Osbert, Sacheverell and Edith were members of this literary family
  8. Beat as hearts during and after relaxing rest
  9. Ancient city whose location is believed to be Hisarlik
  10. "____; the centre cannot hold” (WB Yeats)
  11. Money no longer contributing to practical solution
  12. Thus stupid person runs American TV series
  13. ____ tyres were popular in the first half of the 20th century
  14. Musician's indication to put energy into new song
  15. Former Formula One racing team now known as Racing Point
  16. Equestrian event which means "training” in French
  17. A Greek character on a railway — lots of busy types here?
  18. Seneca somehow full of very good wisdom
  19. 2002 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as firefighter Gordon Brewer
  20. Period starting on the anniversary of an English monarch's accession
  21. Toxic element whose name is often used for its trioxide
  22. Cordial fairy interlocking with Mac?
  23. A restaurant or pub buffet
  24. Victor over Serena Williams in the final of Wimbledon 2019
  25. The last known passenger pigeon died in 1914 in this American city's zoo
  26. Architectural feature involves member of royal family in row
  27. Of a monk, having the crown of the head shaven
  28. One fortress and another half destroyed — that's disgusting!
  29. Gets closer to
  30. In old military slang, (in) the afternoon
  31. Alas, old son has swallowed poison, hot spicy things!
  32. Singer who won the Laurence Olivier Award for her role in Evita
  33. Animal trap set up on sports ground
  34. Small dilated blood vessels, medically called Telangiectasia
  35. French actress who won an Oscar for her role as Edith Piaf in the 2007 film La Vie en Rose
  36. Most basic support needed by sailor returning
  37. College lesson as before, old, uplifting
  38. The central vertical element of a wooden chair back
  39. "Nature, in her fantastic ____ had set such a seal of maidenhood upon Tess's countenance that he gazed at her with a stupefied air” (Thomas Hardy)
  40. "A ____ little island huffing and puffing to keep up with Western Europe” (John Updike, describing Britain)
  41. Old-style scorn of French evident in gesture
  42. Dilettanti made to look ridiculous in satire
  43. Latin rock band founded in San Francisco in 1966
  44. What sounds like a fish oil
  45. Passage through which nerves enter a tooth's pulp cavity
  46. Yellow melon in area of geological interest
  47. Russian word for "union”, also used for the Soviet space programme
  48. Viewer's component's using infrared, dial being ditched
  49. Car manufacturer strongly associated with James Bond
  50. To thicken or condense
  51. Fibre of Victorian PM, as classical one
  52. Descendants of naughty colonisers denied new role
  53. Partridge-like bird of South America
  54. Old hawks, for example, about to be housed in inadequate bird home
  55. American golfer who won the 1989 Open Championship after a play-off with Wayne Grady and Greg Norman
  56. Released between Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) and Fantastic Day, the biggest hit for Haircut One Hundred
  57. Old songs about island where eagles might be found
  58. Small long-haired dog originally bred as a sentinel in Buddhist monasteries
  59. Stars, among which fifty angels
  60. The ____ runs 268 miles from Edale to Kirk Yetholm
  61. Author of Hotel du Lac
  62. Service must get rid of "no good” designation still
  63. ____ player Efren Reyes has won over 70 international titles
  64. A type of deep-fried burrito
  65. One has shiny stuff that is the result of oxidation
  66. ____ plains are ocean floors between continental rises and mid-ocean ridges
  67. Unfortunately I neglect a group of customers
  68. Machine which mixes and tempers clay
  69. 15-year-old victor over Venus Williams in the first round of Wimbledon 2019
  70. Swedish physicist, inventor of a thermometer scale
  71. Fine imposed — a crown once
  72. Greek deity often depicted holding a thunderbolt
  73. Visible as pupil
  74. The venomous south African tree snake Dispholidus typus
  75. Unlimited, as in ____ powers
  76. Two types of food — what will you have to pay?
  77. The Jewish Day of Atonement
  78. Lots of money to get car test and service — no fault found
  79. Egyptian goddess of fertility
  80. American politician who once described the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull as "lipstick”
  81. Blast — there's minimal sun in that spot!
  82. Shortened vehicle with internal slope
  83. Biblical character played by Hedy Lamarr and Liz Hurley
  84. Zoological term meaning "tailless"
  85. England's second-highest mountain
  86. Like nurse, maybe — female entertained by England footballer