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  1. Girl in bed very put out
  2. Its novels are The Man of Property, In Chancery and To Let
  3. Villain losing his head on opening stretch
  4. The Dandy's wild-west strong man who ate cow pies
  5. Judge keeping African party in session
  6. See 17A
  7. Nothing wrong with a short book
  8. Old Scottish love song also known as Maxwelton Braes
  9. Bad-tempered ladies perhaps pulling face
  10. The wild pansy
  11. Earthenware flown from the east
  12. Hospital accepted two upright characters crossing Washington state
  13. Unlike most plant fossils, ____ wood preserves the three-dimensional form of the original organic material
  14. Sauce of egg yolks, lemon juice, butter, shallots and herbs
  15. Motion appearing right away to get poetic inspiration
  16. Argentina featuring in bound newspaper
  17. 19th-century singer Jenny Lind was the "Swedish ____”
  18. "Yodelling” pop singer, first UK-based performer to have three consecutive UK No 1 hits, in 1962
  19. Nigerian writer in distress on returning
  20. Quiet anger about coloured liquid reduction
  21. US title of an unconventional 1961 film directed by Alain Resnais, about relationships between aristocrats
  22. Prominent rock on southwestern moorland
  23. "It's not ____ if they're really after you” (tagline of the 1998 film Enemy of the State)
  24. Not one getting about in street tracked vehicle
  25. England's cricket hero in the 2019 World Cup final . . .
  26. Style of beard worn by Lenin and Boris Becker
  27. African antelope with lyre-shaped horns
  28. Outmoded present coming from unknown lady
  29. Mollusc in centre's something dire
  30. A daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne
  31. Allure
  32. Golf club used to reach the green or get out of a hazard
  33. An imaginary place where all is as bad as it could be
  34. With several branches, Standard to ring in the morning
  35. Day in South American country for Harold's partner
  36. Henry IV's ____ of Nantes was revoked by Louis XIV's ____ of Fontainebleau
  37. Duluth and Thunder Bay lie on the shore of this large body of fresh water
  38. To take ____ is to support one group rather than another
  39. Michael ____ was appointed as environment minister by both Margaret Thatcher and John Major
  40. Cheer on importing Italian bitumen
  41. Plenty of roll in a ball
  42. Sir ____ is Olivia's uncle in Twelfth Night
  43. ____ and Treacle, the 1976 Dennis Potter TV play starring Denholm Elliott which was not transmitted until 1987
  44. The ____ of Man, Jacob Bronowski's 1973 TV series about the development of science and philosophy
  45. Pianist star of At the Drop of a Hat
  46. Mum starts to use low-cal batter
  47. Clay under damp soil that's large showing up
  48. Cochons sauvages
  49. Twin succeeded in Uganda
  50. Early device for measuring the altitude of stars
  51. Mini casing starts to drop off, making marks
  52. Mohammed's wife votes with Middle Eastern ruler, ignoring second husband
  53. It develops into a plant's seed after fertilisation
  54. Card game introduced by senior? Old hat
  55. Alternative to "stalls” as the name of a theatre seating area
  56. Violent striking back-hander
  57. Son interrupting lesson is of a piece
  58. 16th-century luthier Andrea ____ is credited with originating the violin, viola and cello
  59. Fourth highest mountain in the world
  60. One following Marlborough's first in series of court battles
  61. Tops in the Open, Tiger previously lacking energy
  62. The parasitic plant Viscum album
  63. "Please speak now” on radio or TV
  64. Room for bit of laughter in TV and school magazine?
  65. & 20A: . . . and the award he received on BBC TV on December 15
  66. Relative and wife reverse things done in the past
  67. Part of a horse's foot between the fetlock and the hoof
  68. Unwanted irregular fluctuations accompanying a transmitted electrical signal
  69. Great ____, large seabird, extinct since the mid-19th century
  70. Your setter has spirit for the Irish gig
  71. The farthing was thus after 1956
  72. Feroze ____'s wife and elder son both became prime ministers of India
  73. Nickname of Newcastle United
  74. Magnificent white in Majestic style
  75. Number one tube network in old city
  76. Sobriquet of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick
  77. Affaire d'____, a duel
  78. At serious risk
  79. An opening in a battlement for shooting through
  80. Experts hedging about discontinued UK currency
  81. A dish from Malaysia posed as before
  82. Maybe the amount that "makes the medicine go down”
  83. Australian baobabs
  84. American term for a dinner jacket
  85. The dominant high jumping technique before the more efficient straddle replaced it in the 1950s
  86. Catholic excused from belief to try again