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  1. One month to get a measure of Sky
  2. Duncan's end: heartlessly cut up
  3. Roald Dahl's title character with psychokinetic powers
  4. Loony mate ignoring tips at work — he's associated with many a vice
  5. The Swiss-French architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret
  6. 19th-century dance with a name suggesting a Polish origin
  7. Ace bowler perhaps brought back for South African flier
  8. Must stop eating nuts when short of money
  9. ____ has about 22 per cent of Earth's surface fresh water
  10. 1965 war film which premiered on the 21st anniversary of the beginning of its titular event
  11. Beginning short of energy once
  12. Flemish composer Adrian ____ was maestro di capella at St Mark's, Venice, 1527-62
  13. Greek goddess of victory
  14. German vehicle project
  15. "The ____ are unfortunate: nothing can satisfy them” (Jean de La Fontaine)
  16. County described as "that mysterious and romantic land” by Stanley Baldwin
  17. Magistrate has space for writing device
  18. Military tactic used extensively by the Viet Cong
  19. Wilde's bachelor, large libertine with no end of invention
  20. Colloquially, jargon used by ecological campaigners
  21. City of Punjab, centre of the Sikh faith
  22. What would be misplaced as Germany, east coast? Worms
  23. Minor motoring brushes can lead to combustible cases
  24. Anglicised spelling of the capital of Italy's Liguria region
  25. Heitor ____, South America's best-known classical composer, wrote Bachinanas Brasilieras
  26. One who lives by or near flowing water
  27. Novelist who wrote the poem The Listeners along with many works for children
  28. Hour with a German poet
  29. Have teg finally, thanks to a shepherd's club
  30. The fat of a pig
  31. Word which may precede "suit” or "lizard”
  32. The home of England's only working slate mine, between Buttermere and Borrowdale
  33. Will's share is a large draw
  34. Having no direction, senior nurses caught sadly short
  35. Irish comedian who said he first gave up smoking aged 8
  36. Actor who rose to fame in The Office and appeared in three Pirates of the Caribbean films
  37. Scottish lover long forgotten by Indian head
  38. Among US state flags, the unique feature of that of Hawaii
  39. Thoroughly upset stuff in contest?
  40. America's prairies are examples of this type of landscape
  41. English female gymnast who won four gold medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games
  42. Rowing movement ending in hullabaloo and absolute fury
  43. The Earth is a example of this type of spheroid
  44. Run one, or two if start's recalled
  45. A Scot claiming unemployment benefit is "____”
  46. Informally, crammed with people or things
  47. Railway special involving diversion for some
  48. With weak acting, Director's beginning to try black lead
  49. Two-act opera by Leoncavallo — literally "clowns”
  50. Goalkeeper who scored from a record-breaking distance of 97.5 yards in 2013 for Stoke City against Southampton
  51. Horrid Henry's great aunt
  52. Inferior leader of orchestra getting duet's lower part
  53. Official in struggle for small plant
  54. Like ancient Greek music, sparkling stuff fills one part of concert
  55. A small mountain lake, usually in a glacial cirque
  56. ____ differ in atomic structures but not formulae
  57. Cheers much reduced parking in the end
  58. Peanuts character usually seen with a blue security blanket
  59. Lorna Doone novel one's left in US city
  60. A further broadcast of a TV show
  61. Mixture of fat and flour, used as a thickener
  62. Handle ordered from Athens
  63. Prepare to play just before a tennis match
  64. Party member overseeing golf tournament made public
  65. In music, moderately soft
  66. A young male eloper, named after a romantic hero in Walter Scott's Marmion
  67. Bird in shed is a blackbird
  68. One old coin associated with a quarter
  69. Fifa's original World Cup trophy was named after ____
  70. One who would study the Zend-Avesta
  71. Evil sorcerer sent to stop the Faerie Queene's knights
  72. Late comedian, a long-term team captain on 8 Out of 10 Cats
  73. Boiler has to be put out? Extinguisher needed
  74. Expression heard for body of soldiers years ago
  75. Breaking down of organic tissue, eg in metamorphosis
  76. Scorer of one England goal in the 1966 World Cup Final
  77. Girl, 50 gets entry for a year
  78. Landlocked country whose capital is Ouagadougou
  79. Heraldic beasts painted in cellulose, not for all to see
  80. Canadian humorist Stephen ____ observed that "angling” is the name given to fishing by people who can't fish
  81. Practice which features asanas
  82. Eagle seen in ground briefly on a swamp
  83. The USA's first electronic programmable computer, completed in 1945
  84. Weaver from Portuguese resort cheated, nothing less
  85. The 1958 ____ of Nantes gave Huguenots freedom of worship
  86. Buckinghamshire town once described by Bill Bailey as "Satan's lay-by”