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  1. Puppet whose companions have included Rodney Bewes and Derek Fowlds
  2. Weasel-like mammal, a non-native species in the UK
  3. Actress who plays an author's obsessive fan in Misery
  4. Tuscan city where a celebrated Palio horse race takes place
  5. Word derived from the Inuit for "house”
  6. Property equating to the level of disorder in a system
  7. Leading conspirator among the assassins of Julius Caesar
  8. US car marque of which the Corvette is a model
  9. Promontory forming one of the Pillars of Hercules
  10. Actor Oscar-nominated twice in the 1970s for playing the same character
  11. Artisan who makes or repairs stringed instruments
  12. Point on the surface above the focus of an earthquake
  13. West Indian fruit whose cross-section reveals a geometric shape
  14. High-profile academic who wrote The Female Eunuch
  15. - Ruth, inaugural member of the Baseball Hall of Fame
  16. Author of the Booker-winning novel Possession
  17. River that flows past Middlesbrough
  18. Thrusting move in fencing
  19. Hungarian food writer known for his restaurant guides
  20. Four-part novel by the Scottish author Alasdair Gray
  21. Vestlike sporting garment
  22. Butterfly with yellow wings
  23. Director of the forthcoming remake of West Side Story
  24. Art Garfunkel No 1 written for a Watership Down film
  25. Apple with brownish skin
  26. Creator of the characters Jean Valjean and Quasimodo
  27. Norwegian composer of the music to Peer Gynt
  28. Venue of the annual Masters Tournament in golf
  29. Country in which the River Ganges meets the sea
  30. Edible plant also known as sparrowgrass