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  1. Ubiquitous fossil arthropod
  2. River flowing out of Vietnam into the South China Sea
  3. Boxing classification at which Barry McGuigan and Naseem Hamed won world titles
  4. Stream of particles that creates the northern and southern lights
  5. Pop group whose members included Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisholm
  6. Alternative name for Holy Island in Northumberland
  7. Close relative of the bobcat
  8. Water sport whose UK governing body is BSAC
  9. - Radcliffe, holder of the women's course record at the London Marathon
  10. Peter -, colour-blind 2002 world snooker champion
  11. Creator of Jim Hawkins and Dr Henry Jekyll
  12. Author who published The Testaments in 2019
  13. Language in which the epic poem Beowulf was written
  14. Artificial language derived from Esperanto
  15. Knot used for joining ropes of differing diameters
  16. One of the Cinque Ports, located west of Folkstone
  17. Largest artery in the body
  18. Unit of power, often applied to large machinery
  19. Melanesian island nation whose capital city is Suva
  20. Document containing the charges against a defendant in the crown court
  21. Novel for which AS Byatt won the 1990 Booker prize
  22. Slightly leavened bread baked in a tandoor oven
  23. Joint winner of the Nobel peace prize in 1993
  24. Drink made by forcing steam through coffee beans
  25. Setting for 41 of Terry Pratchett's fantasy novels
  26. Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea bearing an active volcano
  27. Only US president born in Hawaii
  28. Equine such as the onager
  29. Obsolete four-penny coin
  30. Roman counterpart of Ares