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  1. Where the reaction of the loggionisti to a singer's performance can be infamously critical
  2. Dressing with capers and pickles, usually served with fish
  3. Union etc out to protect male employees
  4. Light beer special for German
  5. The Moluccas, Florida Keys or Aleutian Islands
  6. Dynasty character originally played by Joan Collins
  7. Measure said to be in letters from abroad
  8. Person seen in new Cornish resort, topless?
  9. A softly-softly falling out, conciliation brings peace
  10. Inflammation of nasal air cavities
  11. In heraldry, another name for a St Andrew's cross
  12. What's odd about a lot of Asian drink used in plant
  13. Henry cutting a great deal for Nixon almost gets peace in the Middle East
  14. The 1832 ____ Act extended the franchise in Britain, especially in industrial towns
  15. Too lax at sea to keep line for aquatic creature
  16. Novel by PC Wren about the adventures of three English brothers in the French foreign legion
  17. Sweet white from the south of the Bordeaux wine region, sometimes served with 11D
  18. Seals step around this
  19. The boastful coward of commedia dell'arte
  20. Camra's favourite tipple
  21. School retains lecturer, a woopie
  22. The domed London ____, in Marylebone Road, is now part of the neighbouring Madame Tussauds
  23. F Field and B Silver to get distasteful lodgings
  24. An Evening Standard review calls Michael Frayn's ____ Off "the funniest farce ever written”
  25. US actress who starred in the films Of Human Bondage (1934) and Jezebel (1938)
  26. Lighters accepted in carriages
  27. 1960s pop singer who appeared in two Carry On films, and guest-starred as the medium Shyanna in a 2019 EastEnders episode
  28. A crisis evolved in Central America and Black Sea region
  29. Named train service from Paddington to Temple Meads, inaugurated by the Great Western Railway in 1935
  30. Ancestor
  31. A volume's picked up for parties
  32. Nelson lost an eye during a siege of this Corsican seaport in 1794
  33. Aussie car owners shouldn't drive without it on call
  34. Grammatical case for the object of a sentence
  35. Its groves are the world of learning
  36. Corrected version embarrassed a large number
  37. Whitewash up north for cap on chimney pot
  38. Foodstuff, of which beluga is the most expensive kind
  39. ____ software is old, but hard to replace owing to wide use
  40. Great or Little East Anglian river
  41. Foreign tongue mostly not acquired
  42. PM perhaps somehow contained spending limits?
  43. Roman province in the southwest of the Iberian peninsula
  44. Larry ____ played Archie Mitchell in EastEnders
  45. Sanction a vehicle in perfect condition for river
  46. Cheap home used during the post-1945 housing shortage
  47. Soiled goods primarily frozen
  48. Actor who starred in the 1960s films A Kind of Loving, Georgy Girl and Women in Love
  49. More formal club, very isolated
  50. Cowslip leaf found around lake
  51. Neck swellings created by enlarged thyroid glands
  52. Call number back catching Golf driver
  53. Hungarian body of water, the largest in central Europe
  54. Edible marine gastropod, also called "ear shell”
  55. Ask repeatedly about recluse on missing old governor
  56. Catering staff book for first of classes in evening reception
  57. The first of seven temporary facilities with this name was opened at London's ExCel Centre on April 3
  58. Wild fashion regularly on show in a state
  59. US novelist, born in Manchester, who wrote The Secret Garden
  60. Russian statesman who introduced the liberalising 28As of glasnost and perestroika
  61. US writer coming out? I must come out too
  62. A skier's padded trousers, held up by shoulder straps
  63. A ____ window is hinged on one side
  64. Old pros see Caribbean island overtaken by South America
  65. A "leaver”, before the 2017 referendum campaign
  66. A fool's shown up about carpet marks that are disgraceful
  67. Twelfth and final studio album by the Beatles, which was commercially successful but received mixed reviews
  68. The reason for Joseph and Mary's journey to Jerusalem
  69. Extract from gall nuts used as a fixative in dyeing
  70. Grass snake's first and last to waken in the field
  71. Knighted Czech-born playwright who wrote Jumpers and Travesties
  72. Table argument for strong position in bar
  73. West Indies bowler, first spinner to take 300 Test wickets
  74. Composer Schoenberg, or golfer Palmer
  75. Endless milk is so fantastic for a ravenous appetite
  76. Minister overlooks scheme that's unpleasant
  77. Broadway musical based on an American comic strip
  78. Fruit covering; an unseen hazard
  79. A provincial governor of ancient Persia
  80. Leader of Remain probing Leave's superficial showiness
  81. Arab breaking dodgy habit in Indian republic
  82. James Baldwin's semi-autobiographical novel about John Grimes's relationship with his family and the church