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  1. With book out, refreshed a blooming musty collection of coins, say
  2. Part of Scotland where George Orwell completed the novel 1984
  3. A film lover
  4. Pot-bellied baldie edges to chute that's proverbially golden
  5. European waterway containing the Portland area
  6. Singer who released Hurdy Gurdy Man in 1968
  7. Constant or regular stays
  8. "Every age is fed on illusions, lest men should ____ life early and the human race come to an end” (Joseph Conrad)
  9. Kiwi farmer otherwise likes shielding female area, right?
  10. Italian equivalent of the Hawaiian "aloha”
  11. England goalie involved in a 2023 strip dispute
  12. The Principality of ____ included Perpignan between 1493 and 1659
  13. Routes like the M60 or Coventry's A4053
  14. Son in the grip of money is hot being somewhat profligate
  15. Exotic veg in a can
  16. "I generally avoid temptation unless I can't ____ it” (Mae West)
  17. Trawlerman you'd think could be a prankster?
  18. Feline owned by Lewis Carroll's Duchess
  19. Boris Johnson's optimistic 2019 description of a Brexit deal
  20. In the old way you will hold chaps reversing a harmful thing
  21. One targets quarry following a letter of credit and no backing
  22. Bitch about recurrent feature of yuppie flu, as it was
  23. Dickens bride who lived in Satis House
  24. "____ is magic that works” (Kurt Vonnegut)
  25. Lost satisfaction with learned landscape
  26. Posy in Spenser's to vex, long time held up
  27. Like stilettos, for example
  28. Celebrate spinning this twin
  29. The ____ massacre took place at an 1819 rally in Manchester supporting political reform
  30. Lukewarm is a con, ideal to be released
  31. Animals such as Hobbes of Calvin and Hobbes
  32. English art critic who wrote Modern Painters
  33. Laugh with me behind gent from the east
  34. Central subject of socialite Emily Post's books
  35. Torturingly famous clues could be of such ages
  36. Most rushed
  37. Hairstyle promoted by the Black is Beautiful movement
  38. Dapper boor or rough man I dressed
  39. Three connected rhymed lines in poetry
  40. One who makes an opposing statement
  41. Drummer, with furrow concealed, is who's square-bashing
  42. Grape variety that can be suffixed by grigio and noir
  43. Author of The Joy Luck Club (1989)
  44. This group of gulls circled back of a calf
  45. Nickname for the Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter
  46. Beat poet whose collection Howl and Other Poems was published in 1956
  47. By the way, in Sallust see upsetting porky
  48. The green cormorant; a type of tobacco
  49. Rat who mentors the Teenage Mutant Turtles
  50. Loads beginning to notice cracking retro boozer
  51. 1864 novel by Sheridan Le Fanu, subtitled A Tale of Bartram Haugh
  52. Experience shared by Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump
  53. Richard Nixon presented this singer with a special Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs badge in 1970
  54. American bird in trousers finding open spaces in the Borders
  55. Stream boast about carrier of classified stuff having no future
  56. Element called "inflammable air” by Henry Cavendish, who is generally credited with discovering it
  57. Loosely scatter bags finally upcycled
  58. Grammatical case expressing ownership
  59. Football team who play at Riverside Stadium
  60. Newfangled wokery brought about havoc, say, for old poet
  61. Right to include origins of locally sourced seaweed
  62. Apprentice is beginning to mimic artist's movement
  63. Duluth, at the western end of ____, is the world's furthest inland port reachable by oceangoing ships
  64. In painting, the French equivalent of "still life”
  65. French rank it in pig
  66. Stormy petrel Earl stuffed
  67. "____ (dum-dum-dum-dumdy-doo-wah)” (Roy Orbison)
  68. 1955 Hitchcock film starring Cary Grant as a retired criminal
  69. What sets off perfectly prepared porridge? That is a rich dish
  70. Behold! Sure ready for honour
  71. Singer whose debut album A Little Deeper won the 2002 Mercury Music Prize
  72. Aspect of arctic coast I indicated loudly
  73. Vessel for a shaken and not stirred cocktail?
  74. Leaving Portalegre's sorrowful to some extent
  75. Tradesperson informally known as a sparky
  76. Future tense of turn out
  77. According to his score inscribed by Holst, the conductor Adrian Boult "first caused ____ to shine in public”
  78. Plants often seen out in numbers on March 17th?
  79. Printer's to pull spaces from reprinted Auden assuming latitude
  80. Modern mechanical puppetry
  81. "Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive, and will come forth ____, in uglier ways” (Sigmund Freud)
  82. Old foreign coppers opposed to getting into passive-aggressive play
  83. Relatively easy to put on over your head
  84. Informal name for some kinds of delphinium