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18-August-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. New Airbus catching up as mentioned above
  2. Christmas pudding is a form of ____
  3. To commemorate its last battle as a military unit at Glenshiel in 1719, Clan Munro held an international ____ last weekend
  4. After nothing leaks, sort of serious going!
  5. Poor Paul has bout of malaria
  6. Have ‘Twangy' Guitar Will Travel was Duane ____'s debut album
  7. "Senior” rather than "old”, or "in an interesting condition” meaning "pregnant”
  8. Nick sharing a list about segments of a tapeworm
  9. Unattached ministers touring Norway — they could go off anywhere
  10. In the name of a tourist destination, "blue”
  11. Trademark for dimenhydrinate, an important drug for some travellers
  12. One ____ of carbon is buckminsterfullerene
  13. America behind, once shone in a Mediterranean island
  14. Lichen is situated over in border
  15. Another word for appendix, in its literary meaning
  16. The best thing to do with difficult questions?
  17. Choose to participate
  18. Jerry-built, nothing put on at the top
  19. Main muscle used by mammals when chewing
  20. Remote security exposes something hidden by competitor
  21. The architect who designed the Louvre Pyramid
  22. The opening number of the 1975 musical Chicago
  23. An American name for a conscript
  24. Great recipe for Jews primarily producing Passover dish
  25. Sporting contestant whose discipline may be Alpine or Nordic
  26. Alan Paton's novel about South Africa, written just before the introduction of apartheid
  27. When New Romney's harbour silted up, it was replaced as a Cinque port by ____
  28. Settled fight stopping notable achievement
  29. Eve supports unkempt beard for Angus's partner
  30. A speck of soot
  31. Grape variety traditionally used in wines from Burgundy
  32. Madrid's Museo del ____ was originally intended to house natural history exhibits
  33. Fellow Republican coming over for a drink
  34. Pity about female candidate in US
  35. Informally, a Latin American dance in ballroom contests
  36. A symbol of communism; a former parcels service introduced by British Rail in 1963
  37. Broom out of the ordinary on terribly rich soil
  38. A European head of government who, like Margaret Thatcher, studied and worked in chemistry
  39. Heard detectives giving expressions of approval
  40. Worcestershire town with Britain's only needle museum
  41. Italian composer Ruggero ____ wrote the opera Pagliacci
  42. Support from the President? Two seconds for say, Corbyn!
  43. Edition entered in log is distracting
  44. One of the solar system's gas giants
  45. Informally, a medical procedure which may be carried out during a pregnancy
  46. City meet Palace
  47. Colour of sheep-farmer long forgotten
  48. Informal name for Maniola jurtina, a common British butterfly
  49. Latin phrase meaning "which was to be shown”, traditionally abbreviated at the end of a mathematical proof
  50. Agree to tackle a bit for broadcast in a harmonious way
  51. Some fail to remember soaring weight in say, Syria
  52. Author whose short stories in The Bloody Chamber were based on fairy tales
  53. Symbol seen on the national flags of Morocco and Ethiopia
  54. Illustrator of many books, especially for children, including Stig of the Dump
  55. What's beginning no longer used in expression?
  56. Second question is about a holy city
  57. Medicinal herb traditionally used to treat insomnia
  58. A steep-sided hill smaller than the similar mesa
  59. ____ and Kashmir is India's northernmost state
  60. Stick with Ohio Republican party needing a boost
  61. Cardinal who succeeded Richelieu as chief minister to Louis XIII
  62. Sellers perhaps best to state opinion openly
  63. The Great ____ in Kew Gardens dominates the local skyline
  64. Measure of inflation in the UK, first calculated in 1947
  65. Gin fraud passed quickly over internally
  66. Nautical phenomenon often found where glacial run-off flows into a fjord, slowing down ships using propellers
  67. The Last Judgment, or a medieval church painting of it
  68. More modern than others
  69. Press hack
  70. No hint of doubt, tradition works against violent action
  71. Former IOC president who started the curious tradition of calling practically every Olympics the "best ever”
  72. Expression of assent in radio communications
  73. Wood commonly used to make fingerboards for violins
  74. Showing surprise, say about Scottish rustic ending early
  75. Second boring piece cut
  76. Small handmade wooden household objects
  77. Roman military commander who rose to political prominence after defeating the revolt led by Spartacus
  78. Food container for privates
  79. The most popular boules game played in France