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  1. Javanese staple protein, a fermented soya bean product
  2. "O, Beulah, peel me a ____” (Mae West in I'm No Angel)
  3. Second concern initially dodged
  4. Loads last of these aboard warships
  5. A description of Donald Trump's claims about the 2020 presidential election
  6. Equipment for this sport might be used to imitate the works of Jackson Pollock
  7. We study demersal life in high seas, caution is turned out
  8. Chap such as Big Toomai deployed this in riverbank, usefully
  9. Author of the Discworld novels
  10. Yak hesitantly nearing one bound to graft cut cable
  11. The ____ Mark 2 was seen in Inspector Morse and Withnail and I
  12. Statesman revered in both Taiwan and communist China
  13. A pole proclaims my job in saloon, say, at capital's west side
  14. Third-party deed is more amiss revolving round Conservative
  15. Someone who ____ someone else fills their role
  16. Our greed's corrupting game
  17. According to the Oxford Reference website, "Britain's most famous amateur dramatic society”
  18. Small but aggressive European fish, with a large dorsal fin
  19. Historically, an eastern European lancer
  20. Brother non-com and French nationalist general
  21. Word that can follow coconut, fiddler and spider
  22. A challenging experience; a sea with no water
  23. New decorator is more fastidious
  24. Adjective often seen in recipes, but not describing food
  25. One ____ is about 0.0175 radians
  26. Pic goes on developing the art of farming
  27. 13th-century ____ Budejovice was a famous beer's birthplace
  28. Swashbuckler's thrust before gallant advance leading to fuss
  29. Shoot up with special aluminium fin
  30. In three of golf's four majors, this describes a second playoff if it's needed
  31. Body part with meadows, according the song Stardust
  32. As in poor taste covering what Elizabethan wore on Sunday
  33. Uniform height in revolutionary Lyon is unconscionable
  34. "Retail ____” (business proverb)
  35. "Procrastination is the ____ of time” (Edward Young)
  36. "I didn't really mean those nasty words”
  37. Large Australian on a possible feature of rock pool
  38. In the capacity of mouth's accumulation of greens?
  39. The ____ is a possible target for a cricket bowler
  40. As a particular sound, English for nöff-nöff in Swedish or boo-boo in Japanese
  41. More formally, the pips
  42. Extreme pressure by French out of magistrates, as before
  43. Old golfer's lofted ball: doubly excellent set up
  44. Most of this island is on map 1 in the OS Landranger series
  45. ____ water is normally found in river estuaries
  46. Hazard is torpedoing safe journey back
  47. From times gone by mock a wartime restriction
  48. St Petersburg's Church of the Saviour ____ was built where Alexander II was assassinated in 1881
  49. Pneumatic tyres finally in sudden increase over year
  50. Fruit named after a body part
  51. An ordinary man behaving like an aristocrat
  52. Lined up fairly, it'll vanish with due processing
  53. Hebe is one more sorry in speech
  54. Very upset by something
  55. Refurbished store with a source of aphrodisiac?
  56. A process that really happens in one's mind
  57. Edouard Manet's A ____ includes two bottles of Bass
  58. Mathematician John ____'s best-known idea was, in his own words, "representing propositions by inclusive and exclusive circles”
  59. Cases accepted by capital city's shark
  60. Perversely named body of water in Kensington Gardens
  61. Ian ____ wrote the Inspector Rebus crime novels
  62. Unknown or mostly unofficial delivery at Lords?
  63. To make someone popular
  64. Vaclav ____ was the last president of Czechoslovakia
  65. A knight in old yard finds Royalist's sheltering spot?
  66. "The ____” was a political cliché coined by CP Snow in a novel, and the title of a later one
  67. In the Ehrenstein illusion, a square on ____ circles seems to have curved sides
  68. Colouring material in half of an attachment
  69. The F in FBI
  70. Forename of at least two female ministers in 21st-century Conservative governments
  71. Face father pressed by whopping herbivore
  72. Column feature which distinguishes architecture's three classical orders
  73. Deer got up having hind part tucked in
  74. Always good to drain marsh
  75. The instrument played by Leon Goossens and Heinz Holliger
  76. The oxide yellowcake is often made in ____ production
  77. A fruit tree trained to grow flat, often against a wall
  78. Ironic rejoinder here! Donut's barely changed alas
  79. I advocate impractical reform and put it so in shake-up
  80. A ____ line, which intersects all meridians at the same angle, is a straight line on a chart using the Mercator projection
  81. To ____ something is to make it possible
  82. 1987 ITV series in which Robbie Coltrane fronted the Majestics, a Scottish pop group
  83. Greek's keynote brooded over plateaux
  84. English present a moment ago in Holyrood
  85. TV quiz round in which a klaxon is often heard