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  1. One who provokes others to anger
  2. Largest city in France's Moselle department
  3. Athlete whose winning heptathlon score at the 1988 Olympics is still the world record
  4. Farmer's annoyance after grain is minimal
  5. Vessels collide briefly — engineers brought aboard
  6. Wood also known as "African teak”
  7. Male chicken fattened for eating
  8. Latin-based name for rock fragments ejected from a volcano, between volcanic bombs and volcanic ash in size
  9. Mathematical function, doubly special, conveys a nice feeling
  10. Plant suffering around outermost part
  11. Title given to a Muslim fighter against infidels
  12. The final studio album by the Beatles
  13. 1990 action film starring Jean-Claude van Damme as a legionnaire
  14. "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, ____” (Winston Churchill)
  15. This writer's teaching qualification is seen as fix
  16. Uncle with no teeth, sloppy diner
  17. Director of films including Life of Pi and Brokeback Mountain
  18. A pig's ____ is the source of pork chops
  19. Machine often used to clean the exterior of stone buildings
  20. Bigwig entertaining children may limit possibility of seeing adult material
  21. Line behind which a darts player stands
  22. Racing driver known as The Stig on Top Gear
  23. Greek character undermining the Spanish ambassador
  24. Former Russian gymnast with seven floor, beam, and vault skills named after her
  25. "The smiles of love adorn, — / ____ / Makes countless thousands mourn!” (Robert Burns)
  26. Eponymous time-traveller, played by Geoffrey Bayldon in a 1970s children's TV series
  27. Dweller in hot zone, possibly Indian, catching cold
  28. Sound of lass making rough noise
  29. The trumpet major of Thomas Hardy's novel
  30. Importance of life in lawn area that's been cut
  31. Presenter of ITV's The Big Fight Live, 1984-2010
  32. The Swedish version of mulled wine
  33. A feudal superior's right to leave estate
  34. Disrespectful narrative — some of it near the bone
  35. Exempt from payment
  36. Latin legal term for trespass with force and violence
  37. Passage of Islamic writing rejecting extreme members
  38. Opinion expressed in interviews with members of the public
  39. A pithy expression said to create commotion
  40. Fluid-carrying tube in a plant or animal
  41. Poetry collection by Arthur Rimbaud, and a Benjamin Britten song cycle setting parts of it
  42. Pole's getting nothing in a strange land
  43. Old-fashioned term for left-handedness
  44. Limb problem, mild and easy to put right
  45. Former German figure skater, a judge in one series of Dancing on Ice
  46. To soften or smooth
  47. Beloved from Scotland, burning with inner energy
  48. "Love and ____ are the best sweeteners of tea” (Henry Fielding)
  49. Geological stage poses dangers — rock finally crumbles away
  50. ____ beat Serena Williams in the 2018 Wimbledon women's singles final
  51. One of the two vegetables used to make vichyssoise
  52. (Attempted) reconciliation between different religions or philosophies
  53. Rock includes old musical instrument
  54. Protection against many a wild animal, a zebra possibly?
  55. What a judge does before the jury retires
  56. The current 10 Down for Defence
  57. A sleeveless pullover
  58. Title given to a cabinet minister in charge of a department
  59. Keep walking, making wrong movement through water
  60. Old group of animals comes to a tarn to be refreshed
  61. A plain cotton cloth
  62. Piedmont province noted for its sparkling wine
  63. "Thousands have lived without love, not one without ____” (W H Auden)
  64. Firm supports pirates?
  65. Weeds with yellow flowers, milky juice and edible leaves
  66. Cannabis sativa
  67. Modify notice, adding a short point
  68. James single which, in three different versions, charted in 1989, 1991, and 1998
  69. The first of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels
  70. Old Testament book about an attempt to exterminate the Jewish nation
  71. Artistic fabric not unknown in arrangements
  72. A word for a large boat from the Mediterranean, apparently not related to a famous boat of Greek myth
  73. Final word in the text of Puccini's La Bohème
  74. An upsetting blemish in one form of motor racing
  75. Computer file extension for programs rather than data
  76. Charles ____ created the cartoon strip Peanuts
  77. One paper with a new retro-looking script
  78. Princess wearing material that's clean again?
  79. Turn into vinegar
  80. Climber taking a path ere collapsing
  81. The muse of epic poetry
  82. Feast day held on November 1
  83. Certain trees — a number falling over in very high winds
  84. Cruel person had for a time a pugilistic style
  85. Agony aunt whose autobiography was titled How Did I Get Here from There?
  86. Book identification code, with 13 digits since 2007
  87. Repair what is left, implanting gold
  88. Jane Austen novel set in the fictional village of Highbury
  89. Hairstyle? Sir needs a bit removed from the middle
  90. 1981 film about a paralysed sculptor, adapted from a TV drama and stage play by Brian Clark
  91. Tropical tree or the orange food dye derived from it
  92. One having freedom from recrimination, little devil getting off
  93. City in Florida's Greater Orlando area
  94. Men do not get drunk in North American city