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  1. English are embracing bit of disaster — get ready!
  2. Supporter of complete state supremacy over the church
  3. 1963 film starring Paul Newman as the hard-drinking, arrogant, womanising rancher ____ Bannon
  4. Jewish festival starting on Nissan 15
  5. Ballerina's posture worked at steadily, endlessly
  6. Hooky dealer in US not yet met
  7. ____ played Jacob Marley's ghost in the 1951 film Scrooge
  8. BBC radio announcer dubbed the Godfather of Radio 4 by impressionist group Dead Ringers
  9. Wandering around Sinai like a creature wiped out
  10. Ruined tower house near Corbridge in Northumberland, associated with the Radclyffe family
  11. Doctor ____ is the third novel in Anthony Trollope's Chronicles of Barsetshire
  12. Irish dream of bit of lamp
  13. River featured in the title of an epic 1957 war film
  14. Henry James novel about the daughter of Beale and Ida Farange
  15. Such as rapidly discharges a dart of pain to Rob Roy, say
  16. Someone who often uses comparisons in explanations
  17. Unaltered American security service
  18. Standard ____ are one of Belgium's most successful football clubs
  19. Woman's lace headgear, often with a flap on each side
  20. Grand praise by Aero Club central for a feature of writing
  21. Guys and Dolls song, a Frank Sinatra signature tune
  22. Spice produced from the distinctive pericarps of Illicium verum
  23. Love gripping old set rhetorical questions
  24. Tom Sharpe novel about a proposed motorway
  25. Whence Aeneas fled is hip (at least in part)
  26. Assistant who may wear an aiguillette
  27. British heavy metal band fronted by Ian Hill
  28. Italics are out of place in states of fervour or ardour
  29. A sixpenny bit
  30. Can Trump ultimately hold back?
  31. AI program that's repeatedly seen in Twitter — it's a parasite
  32. Of a graphical element, to automatically align with a grid (computing)
  33. Ruth's mother-in-law (Bible)
  34. Charge is about old penny for what intrepid canoeist enjoys
  35. Flipping partner who watches a wide-eyed spectator
  36. Plants mostly provided by parents
  37. From Greek for "many years”, an Eastern Orthodox chant for an individual or the Orthodox community
  38. Canadian singer whose debut single was Complicated
  39. ____ displays promotional material as you websurf
  40. Myth of German giant? It's a treat for dons
  41. French name mostly splendid point
  42. "I am dying, ____, dying” (Antony and Cleopatra)
  43. English cricketer, main exponent of "bodyline” bowling
  44. African country bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia
  45. Rounded headland in the morning? Tow unused
  46. Plates grate in area of bone
  47. Parliamo ____?
  48. Portrayed by Alexander Siddig, the chief medical officer in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  49. ". . . he will be sent on a tour around the world, and probably rumours of a morganatic ____ will follow” (Keir Hardie, five days after the birth of the future Edward VIII)
  50. Neat way to eat oranges is, say, in the mind
  51. In rugby, a loose scrum in which the ball is on the ground
  52. Spenser's called chaps up (past tense)
  53. Europe's longest river
  54. The most populous borough of New York City
  55. Goods vehicle belonging to a Trotter turned over
  56. Pub restaurant chain operated by Mitchells & Butlers
  57. Blocks chosen to replace anxiety in scares
  58. Drupe
  59. Generic and trade name of curtain-sided vans and lorries
  60. Terrific stink! A drummer returned weed
  61. Hormone regulating circadian rhythms, secreted by the pineal gland
  62. Yevgeny ____ wrote the poem Babi Yar
  63. Where Poirot scoffed, arrant curates struggled
  64. The free i____ app puts Roman Catholic liturgy on your tablet
  65. In the course of returning Crusader captured this port
  66. Adding a two-letter word to this boat makes a sauce
  67. A military officer below the rank of captain
  68. Monitor without right leads to reach around laptop
  69. Final part of the Shakespeare tetralogy which begins with Richard II
  70. Loch vessel's making slow movements
  71. Front part of the upper of a shoe
  72. Film director who won Oscars for In the Heat of the Night, Fiddler on the Roof, and Moonstruck
  73. Rock music genre often using confessional lyrics
  74. Russian can lift up silver
  75. England and Great Britain hockey captain for 13 years, who won Olympic gold and bronze medals
  76. Artistically florid like Rankin, eg
  77. Proceeds from Spenser's year of necessity wanting number
  78. A cricket penalty for illegal action by a bowler or fielder
  79. Member of the mint family, related to oregano
  80. Die previously made from small strip
  81. I snatch up what's within fig tree
  82. In geometry, one of the lines enclosing an angle
  83. The principle behind the universe in Chinese philosophy
  84. Distributary branch of the Rhine which formerly discharged into the Zuiderzee
  85. Joker, say, adding line to advantage