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  1. Frame on which traitors were dragged to their place of execution
  2. Artist using copper, wax and acid
  3. American city whose local teams won the Super Bowl and World Series in 1979
  4. White friar's catechism beginning to illuminate
  5. Westbound kid I see leaves having been wrapped up?
  6. Broadway musical based on a comic strip about an orphan
  7. Colonel ____ was a pompous jingoistic character created by David Low in 1934
  8. Defensive playing style in cricket
  9. Bagel I sent back includes old pickle?
  10. Inappropriately tells to go old woman who's kept scraps
  11. Shropshire village with remains of a Roman city at the end of Watling Street
  12. Parasitoid insect which is in fact a kind of wasp
  13. Peckham's man with a broom lacking general intelligence, good assiduous sport?
  14. The site of a Saxon royal palace in Berkshire
  15. Gothic architectural features clash with a recent change
  16. Political party led by John Hume, 1979-2001
  17. Home of leaders of coppers in disguise? Dastardly con possibly
  18. The only one of the USA's original 13 states with no Atlantic coastline
  19. Influential designer of 1940s and 1950s electric guitars
  20. Old famous sort rejecting new vaudeville
  21. Attention-seeker's occasion for partner swapping?
  22. English football club whose colours were adopted by Juventus in 1903
  23. Undesired effect of flash photography
  24. Skippy the ____ was a 1960s TV character
  25. Stewed steak, say, at Le Manoir, yes with extravagant bill to cover
  26. Mealie nun after shift is deficient in this
  27. Edible mollusc with projections on the hinge of its shell
  28. And also not
  29. God! More than 100 square metres
  30. Rock fragments ejected by a volcano
  31. She milks another who walked out on the boards?
  32. First of demotic Greek characters for vessels
  33. Sculptor whose Winged Figure is on the south-east corner of John Lewis's Oxford Street branch
  34. American city whose local teams won the Super Bowl and World Series in 2004
  35. Mould girl from The Broads entering capital initially
  36. The A38 between Plymouth and Exeter
  37. Apple sent back this note
  38. Recurrent bind over admitting revision gives too testing rôles
  39. Someone or something you don't want to look at
  40. Flexible elongated organ possessed by many molluscs
  41. Celia ____ played Miss Babs in Acorn Antiques
  42. Naked
  43. Tough PI struggling with nervous affliction
  44. Blighter bellows with joy about blue matter
  45. To listen surreptitiously
  46. Writer of stories set in the fictional town of Malgudi in southern India
  47. Member of a Turkic ethnic group in central Asia
  48. Mary I married Philip II of Spain in this cathedral in 1554
  49. One of the Pieridae who gave the needle and ended it all
  50. Colleague's operation into which one goes
  51. Attacked with a bludgeon
  52. Environmental factors affecting a crop, especially in wine-making
  53. In Japanese cuisine, a soy sauce and rice wine glaze
  54. Number to call before getting something like a network?
  55. Doubling the act of planting crops finally must be good
  56. Possibly approximate principles, based on practice
  57. :) or :(
  58. Core of poetic quip's heart is a case of pins and needles
  59. French region at the western end of the Pyrenees
  60. Tedious details
  61. Sovereignty sure fell in a chaotic state
  62. Painter of The Garden of Earthly Delights
  63. Without line dancing babe wants girl that grooves
  64. Wind instrument technique
  65. In a ____, a horse rider stays in the saddle
  66. Dutch person on the left is reckless
  67. Drawing close new yard's fastener?
  68. Yorkshire port, Britain's main source of jet
  69. According to ____'s razor, assumptions should be minimised in explanations
  70. Poet's Latin work picked up on those central to dupery
  71. Traditional feature of British churchyards
  72. One that gets muezzin going in the morning
  73. Run out crude oil here?
  74. Actor best known for playing Inspector Clouseau's boss
  75. Nickname for Napoleon Bonaparte
  76. Soldier is to gather kit from the front
  77. "A ____ lady there never was seen / Than the blind beggar's daughter of Bethnal Green” (17th-century ballad lyrics)
  78. Value support for single-decker, say
  79. Again awry in the matter of coping? No longer free from risk
  80. Tree whose wood is more durable if kept wet
  81. We go under ignoring northerner's film — we give you little rest
  82. Has very much . . . money or hypocrisy, frequently
  83. ____ Xiaoping became China's de facto leader in 1978
  84. Regent's Park's ____ Circle surrounds Queen Mary's Gardens and the open-air theatre
  85. Baron, or the equivalent, gets legal compo
  86. Grant Wood painting of a man with a pitchfork and his daughter