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  1. The ____ comprised pianist Richard and drummer Karen
  2. Dancers getting relief, stifling expression of joy?
  3. ____-Bastogne-____ is the oldest cycle racing "Monument”
  4. Fish — a shiny group brought aboard ship
  5. Standard set by good Scottish cricket side
  6. Modern and ancient Greek region including Athens
  7. Knitting technique which can be used to create colour effects relatively easily
  8. See 39D
  9. Formal footwear, sometimes with a bow or buckle
  10. Debater stirring our rage, nothing less
  11. In the 1930s and 1940s, the ____, were one of the first African American vocal groups to be popular with both black and white audiences
  12. Fibre shown by female, English monarch dismissing Spain
  13. Breathing in a laboured way
  14. An ignition key engages the ____ to connect to the starter motor
  15. Private home with hospital facility
  16. On a weather map, the kind of front symbolised by a combination of spikes and semi-circles
  17. Make a prediction based on available data
  18. Worm getting rid of a goat
  19. Department store chain which closed in May 2021
  20. Name shared by colleges at Oxford and Cambridge
  21. Around edge of country spots old hybrid animals
  22. 2010 video game with John Marston as the protagonist
  23. Strait separating the Orkneys and the Scottish mainland
  24. Tree worker, one by a river?
  25. R&B singer — her 1993 debut album won three Grammies
  26. Papal licence, one not dated, with bits of unusual Latin terminology
  27. Small anchor used to move or turn a ship
  28. The ____ is a Tchaikovsky ballet based on a fairy tale
  29. Volcanic material destroying reptile
  30. Northernmost of Japan's four main islands
  31. Wife and husband almost glow at what location in Scotland?
  32. Nickname given to Nebraska-born US business magnate Warren Buffett
  33. Faculty making some money once
  34. Alternative to "Hoosier” for someone from a particular US state
  35. Horrible rodent has bitten Henry in the seat
  36. Author of Black Beauty
  37. My note about true origin of word
  38. In Scott's Waverley novels, The ____ follows The Monastery
  39. Tree map involving appropriate technology
  40. A kerchief worn in place of a hat
  41. One of the Scots embracing the goddess
  42. Word which can follow "caustic” and "cream”
  43. Top-notch fabric used up to make ribbon
  44. The ____? His art and poet's will be different
  45. Apollo 11's Eagle, for example
  46. Form of storage which has largely replaced pill bottles
  47. Merry and encouraging, not revolting
  48. World heavyweight boxing champion, 1978-85
  49. Girl lacking energy in improvised singing
  50. Wine whose sweetness is traditionally measured in puttonyos
  51. Show with Eastern wickedness — any number enthralled
  52. In a quote attributed to Billy Connolly and others, an intellectual is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture without thinking of ____
  53. One of the world's few nations with contiguous territory in 43D continents
  54. "Religion [. . .] is the ____ of the people” (Karl Marx)
  55. Fantastic eleven getting carried away?
  56. A Hindu or Buddhist religious text
  57. Broadcast by a jolly lot, flying fighters
  58. "A moral, sensible, and well-bred man / Will not ____ me, and no other can” (Cowper)
  59. Pseudonym of the playwright Jean-Baptiste Poquelin
  60. Herbs and grass, mostly in America
  61. Vessels used by soldiers for both cooking and eating
  62. Kristi ____'s 1992 figure skating win made her the first Asian American winner of a Winter Olympics gold medal
  63. African community was backing chamber orchestra
  64. Poet Robert Burns became this kind of official as a better use of his education than farming
  65. The name of Malawi until 1964
  66. New marking fools on square may get in army unit, US soldier excepted
  67. Actress, Oscar-nominated for her 2002 role as painter Frida Kahlo
  68. The Basque name for the Basque Country
  69. Time off — trade's abandoned with family finally seen?
  70. Craft in which Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space
  71. African money invested in serious entertainment
  72. Quadrilateral with two parallel sides in the UK, and none in the US and Canada
  73. Afflictions when banking pounds or bucks
  74. Historian Hugh Trevor-Roper became Baron ____
  75. In architecture, the male equivalent of a caryatid
  76. Perform in vessel in underground water
  77. Stage name of Israeli singer Sharon Cohen
  78. African shelter by university
  79. Painter whose depictions of history are a major feature of Mexico City's Palacio Nacional
  80. Striker in school for swats wanting head dismissed
  81. A young fox
  82. Animal in hollow place nipped by nasty adder
  83. The bowls equivalent of the "cochonnet” in boules
  84. Tribe shows formality leading province
  85. Bird has turned up to grab catch, taking more risks
  86. To absorb into something else