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  1. Main theatre play about old man perhaps
  2. Large area where Spanish and Portuguese are spoken
  3. Nick, American talks nonsense on reflection
  4. A cathedral cleric
  5. Game like charades, with acted rhymes of a clue word
  6. Source of herbs mentioned, Australian to the end
  7. Silent film star, one of the founders of United Artists
  8. Chinese silk straight dress with stand-up collar and side slit
  9. Lecherous female posed with younger adult
  10. Bury around goal get weaker as before
  11. Rich tapestries were named after this northern French city
  12. Light fluffy dish made by adding stiffly beaten egg whites to a roux and savoury or sweet flavouring ingredients
  13. Water plant is surrounded by essence
  14. Discern disrupting end, hard going for tyrant's territory
  15. Cheshire location of the main Bentley car factory
  16. Joseph Conrad novel set in Costaguana, a fictional country
  17. Provoke to action
  18. Elvis Presley's third film and its title song, the first record to enter the UK charts at No 1
  19. Display set up in US plant for flyers
  20. Until 1974, the Parts of ___ was an administrative area in Lincolnshire, including Boston and Spalding
  21. Common name for various bivalve molluscs, especially Mytilus edulis
  22. Lord ____ was a lifelong advocate for penal reform
  23. Quiet for minute in Greek province leads to poem over there
  24. Unaccompanied secular part-songs of the 16th century
  25. Stop second entry before revised date agreed
  26. Organisation maintaining world order in a 1960s TV series
  27. Part of Westminster Abbey where Chaucer was buried
  28. Stuff found in wee oldie working outside close to Aberdeen
  29. Region including Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Fiji
  30. Former TV quizmaster who created the educational website HistoryWorld
  31. Leaders in Sun introduce mean comment in the margin
  32. Very large dog breed, with a rough shaggy coat
  33. French opera with female replacing male in short cape
  34. A regular ____ can be described as a triangular pyramid
  35. Two of these offences are linked with lions and slow-moving tree creatures
  36. Cut calls with contemptuous looks
  37. Made a survey with a baseline and angular measurement
  38. Passage about say, Manila Bay island
  39. A young pilchard; a variety of chalcedony
  40. Work on familiar flower for Edmund
  41. Geometrical property of a shape, which may be rotational or reflective
  42. City arrest brings elation
  43. ____ played George Smiley in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
  44. Novelist influenced by Edouard Dujardin's Les lauriers sont coupés, an early example of stream of consciousness
  45. Mike in bed succeeded getting hearty kisses
  46. Essex island, which became a holiday destination in the first half of the 20th century
  47. According to the Odyssey, ____ detained Odysseus for seven years
  48. Look at entry to Sainsbury's for lunchbox
  49. One boring female endlessly formal, hating men
  50. Audiences traditionally stand for this Handelian chorus
  51. "The world's largest dedicated online grocery retailer”, founded in 2000
  52. Very large victim for fish-eating bird
  53. Accountant with mobile on street, oddly scary and perverse
  54. A fawn colour, especially of dresses or coats
  55. Greek goddess of youth and spring
  56. Any of Scotland's 282 separate peaks over 3000 feet high
  57. US department store's taken up surrounding parking for surveillance device
  58. Indian dish of yoghurt with spices and chopped vegetables, especially cucumber
  59. An emotional display, often embarrassing for onlookers
  60. Loose fibre from old rope, used to caulk seams in wooden ships
  61. Doctor about right to get pellet
  62. One who refuses to recognise the truth
  63. Unique Close for limited accommodation
  64. Mediocre
  65. The most difficult toe jump in figure-skating
  66. Eastern bosun using second compass back to front
  67. House of the Rising Sun was the only UK No 1 hit by the ____
  68. River which flows through Lake Geneva
  69. Motion enters race for an English poet
  70. Founded in Perth in 1976, the UK's largest bus company
  71. A "classic” baseplate for this toy shows its name 1024 times
  72. Upset fish in tin
  73. Business costs not attributable to individual products
  74. Extreme northern location; an uttermost point or degree
  75. Revolving index, one left on island — dash!
  76. Physicist who worked on electricity and magnetism
  77. Ring employers right away for soft tissues
  78. Sir Mark ____ has been the Hallé Orchestra's Music Director since 2000
  79. Ukraine-born US violinist who said that he played "music that solves all human problems: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven”
  80. Dash out of bounds, demurely somehow
  81. Lincolnshire market town, important in the medieval wool trade
  82. Guys love small white fish from Canada
  83. Terminus of the London and Birmingham Railway, opened in 1837, and controversially rebuilt in the 1960s