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  1. Ancient Turkish city where the apostle Paul is said to have met the disciple Timothy
  2. Chief servant of explorer down under keeping quiet
  3. A Parisian female upset and embarrassed must be toughened up
  4. With arms and legs stretched out
  5. Black deer spotted in Scottish town
  6. Distinctive atmosphere, from a Latin word for "breeze”
  7. Charlie Chaplin was Adenoid Hynkel in The ____
  8. Charm of a stubborn person taking time
  9. Author whose short story collections included Bliss and The Garden Party
  10. The ____ or Rongkup people are believed to be the earliest inhabitants of India's state of Sikkim
  11. Good Swiss writer — rough judgement being "rarely read these days”
  12. A change to a proposed bill
  13. Move to join another plane offering speed for carrying flyer
  14. Second largest lake in the Lake District
  15. State lying between Kansas and Texas
  16. A supreme newly built temple
  17. Historic home of the Gordon Highlanders, formerly called Milton of Strathbogie
  18. Antiseptic medic tries out, without sulphur content
  19. Groups of bones in the feet of vertebrates
  20. An exile, especially for political reasons
  21. La ____ is a tight right-hand bend near the end of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit
  22. One contemplating acquiring a rifle
  23. One sailor and another endlessly depressed
  24. The capital of Finland
  25. Portuguese footballer whose record of 127 caps was broken by Cristiano Ronaldo
  26. Feature of She Loves You by the Beatles
  27. Women beset by coldness of manner and fustiness
  28. Like, for instance, a metallurgical test
  29. TV writer who created The Liver Birds, Butterflies, and Bread
  30. Adjective describing email that you don't want
  31. All-rounder Nigel ____ made over 200 appearances for Somerset
  32. Plant with burs left in shelter
  33. London's first ____ café opened in 1994
  34. Strutting leader, idiot in that long garment
  35. "____ consists in believing what reason cannot” (Voltaire)
  36. Thomas ____'s inventions included the microphone
  37. The final work of Jacques ____ was the unfinished opera The Tales of Hoffmann
  38. Dublin's crossword compiler? A dog!
  39. Scentless plant of woods and hedges
  40. A name for a hostile attack, rarely seen in singular form
  41. Protein I had detected in a French wine
  42. The brightest star of the constellation Taurus
  43. 1990s game show hosted by Phillip Schofield and, latterly, Claudia Winkleman
  44. Element of sung Mass needs change — Latin omitted, American included
  45. Computer network used with little hesitation in physics unit
  46. A period of leave, often to undertake a different project
  47. Perform somersaults in river? A farce
  48. Rock band whose bassist is known as Flea
  49. Russian author of Fathers and Sons
  50. Latin-American in USA cutting his grass
  51. Hopes possibly to pen ewe finally?
  52. Silly person had briefly to be treated with medicated cloth once
  53. Sicily's active volcano
  54. 1972 novel by Frederick Forsyth
  55. Month shared by the astrological signs Sagittarius and Capricorn
  56. Suppressing exclamation of surprise, capture a rare bird
  57. Sitcom whose opening theme was called The Ballad of Jed Clampett
  58. Eye duct which drains aqueous humour from the anterior chamber
  59. Greasy stuff gets a young animal stuck in channel
  60. Equally suitably
  61. Fatty substance, as is evident in spiritual leader
  62. The only overseas territory given to Castile rather than Portugal by the treaty of Alcacovas in 1479
  63. A subsidiary of the ____ transport company operates most Thameslink rail services
  64. The only Central American country with English as its official language
  65. This writer's seen going around in brown fabric
  66. Vertical bar which separates window panes
  67. Old-fashioned awards as special treats
  68. State whose dominance of southern Greece was ended by the battle of Leuctra in 371BC
  69. The UK's best-known ____ pact lasted for about 18 months, starting in March 1977
  70. Idler to gossip, therefore kept on the outside
  71. Bristly clique of upper-class types, almost all bad
  72. Island whose king was Odysseus according to Homeric legend
  73. People or things of the same age
  74. Filippo ____, Italian author of the Futurist Manifesto in 1909
  75. Whole performance attracting little interest at first
  76. The man wears casual shirt, making one chuckle
  77. In music, the "fundamental” or lowest note obtainable from a length of wind instrument tubing
  78. 1986 martial arts comedy film starring Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall
  79. Essay don constructed about epic poem
  80. Friends character played by Lisa Kudrow
  81. French novelist who wrote The Mysteries of Paris
  82. And also not wanting whisky — not needing to drink it
  83. Original spelling for a unit defined as the weight of a cubic centimetre of water
  84. Industrial city of Belarus, approximately 300 km south-east of Minsk
  85. Arthurian comic strip created by Hal Foster in 1937
  86. The weather, listener admitted, is frightening
  87. Female to deteriorate a bit once
  88. Pain-inhibiting peptide produced by the brain
  89. Patronise silly supporter of former South American president
  90. Codename for operations by the US and allies before the combat stage of the Gulf War