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  1. Pamplona's festival of ____ includes the running of the bulls
  2. Whoops! I tend to flounder round boaters, or similar
  3. Mapping of the moon or study of its features
  4. Supplier of aromatic remedies is born with millions
  5. Memorable girl wanted at home about to board
  6. State of equilibrium between the earth's crust and mantle
  7. Carlsberg lager created to commemorate Winston Churchill's 1950 visit to Denmark
  8. Brown would be excluded if opening with book
  9. Hat to leak
  10. Stage name of Darrin O'Brien who had a 1992 hit with Informer
  11. Republic succeeded drawing in obsequious sorts
  12. Sir Peter ____ was made Master of the Queen's Music in 2004
  13. In due course joey will be stoked to get diluted soda etc
  14. The capital of Castile when it separated from Leon
  15. Who was famously refused gets it in? It's occasionally unearthed
  16. Downy, in the manner of Wodehouse you might say
  17. Cells selectively grown in a laboratory
  18. Co Durham town, a childhood home of Stan Laurel
  19. Odd form of compulsion finds this minatory PLC fazed
  20. Yes, great pal is excited to make the final entrance?
  21. In a spiteful manner
  22. Pole holding a lighted slow match, once used to fire a cannon
  23. Admiral of the fleet, and first governor of Newfoundland; another admiral, an inspiration for Horatio Hornblower
  24. Anything or, for a few, nothing is accepted without opening
  25. Put out by online fault? Time to enter "delete”
  26. Type of dictionary that may be used by poets
  27. The ____ is a Scottish listings magazine published since 2005
  28. The largest asteroid in the solar system
  29. Question for right solver who enjoys trifles
  30. To greet courteously, from a Latin word meaning "health”
  31. Take up difficulty over point
  32. Russian ballet dancer who defected to Canada in 1974
  33. "In real life, I assure you, there is no such thing as ____” (Fran Lebowitz)
  34. Rhubarb and honey — mean to be ordinary
  35. Advertising slogan for Stella Artois beer, 1982-2007
  36. Wife of Pander, the brothel-keeper in Pericles, Prince of Tyre
  37. Guard clearing right of access for that reason
  38. Silver salmon (plural)
  39. Word which can follow sea, chili, and guide
  40. Eg, Bravo Charlie . . . Romeo by instant messaging
  41. Relating to or composed of bone
  42. Gareth ____, former prop forward for Bath and England
  43. Job of no consequence in Ireland! Little work and, gosh, I toil hard
  44. Dancer who co-starred with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire in 1950s films
  45. ____ and the Philippines are the only two countries with no divorce laws
  46. Gardeners near their peak delight in these trees on a lake
  47. Main ingredient of a Bellini cocktail
  48. Raja in a state of drought starts to kick up
  49. In the A Nightmare on Elm Street films, the name of Freddie Krueger's mother
  50. The herpetologist Fink-Nottle in differing guises?
  51. Pentecost festival as seen in Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 2
  52. College failure becomes a pitcher
  53. Clock wherein you see trailer
  54. Benjamin ____ made Queen Victoria Empress of India
  55. Canned in Queensland adopting not forgotten way to stand
  56. Uni lads developing explosive mixtures
  57. One of the first digital graphical computer games, based on noughts and crosses and written in 1952
  58. Ilhan ____ was invited to "go back to where she came from” in a Donald Trump tweet
  59. I'm no pro — in short, against avoiding brief
  60. Contemplation about one's wasting
  61. Bog into which Christian sinks in The Pilgrim's Progress
  62. 2011 single by Simple Plan featuring Natasha Bedingfield
  63. Alanis Morissette single which begins "An old man turned ninety-eight / He won the lottery and died the next day”
  64. Parent on dog's well-defined bit of body
  65. Faff about Rimbaud's named successor (in short in Latin)
  66. The capital of Argentina
  67. Indian prime minister posthumously given the Bangladesh Freedom Honour for help in the War of Independence
  68. Organisation (part of Naafi) which was replaced by Combined Services Entertainment
  69. Soppiness about old English black plant
  70. Rare goose caught by inhumane neighbour
  71. ____ Abbey is a likely photo stop for travellers on the A466 between Chepstow and Monmouth
  72. Canadian province named after a daughter of Queen Victoria
  73. Cake for broadcaster from Dublin
  74. Flat-race champion jockey ten times, 1914-1923
  75. Native mentioned in an expression of disbelief
  76. What's left I used freely in base of daquiri
  77. Third place in the controversial 2005 US Grand Prix made ____ the only Portuguese Formula One driver with a podium finish
  78. US singer who had a 1962 hit with The Loco-Motion
  79. Charge one's own claim to being a doozy
  80. The Duke of Norfolk in Shakespeare's Richard II
  81. "Caveat ____” — let the buyer beware
  82. Answer is to go up with string to join pipes the old way
  83. To swell or bubble up