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  1. Repute, usually preceded by "good” or "bad”
  2. Hack is caught looting first from the necessary
  3. Shellfish soup sweetheart finally cleared away
  4. "Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. ____” (Winston Churchill)
  5. He pushes back nothing when pulling in millions
  6. Able to run quickly with agility
  7. The shaved crown of some monks' heads
  8. To do with quattrocento Pope son's on point
  9. Jon Pertwee's television role, 1970-1974
  10. A couple touch with head to the right
  11. Furze or whin
  12. French composer of Gymnopédies
  13. Preserve power a dashing extrovert installed in Middle East
  14. A balloon or airship
  15. A cold sea fog of the east coast
  16. Obscenities, if said by some yobs they'd be of themselves!
  17. An animal in the aquatic phylum Cnidaria is a medusa or a ____
  18. Discourteous Macron's one to irk proverbially busy crawler
  19. A nightdress, to a French speaker
  20. A loyal Conservative Party supporter
  21. Such as connects sugary treat with a shake
  22. Marquetry is what I do in early shifts
  23. The spreading of information on order to cause alarm
  24. Star Trek: ____ was the fourth series in the franchise
  25. Bedfordshire village with an abbey and a safari park
  26. Some feel doyenne's spinning a special sort of song
  27. Chance upon answer as Advisory Board goes for it in practice
  28. Informally, a house of the type built in large numbers during and after the Second World War
  29. A regular ____ has interior angles of 135 degrees
  30. American actress and comedian who said "Looking fifty is great — if you're sixty”
  31. Mother facing new outburst of impatience
  32. Old cathedral in grip of violently true measure of storm?
  33. A fried cake or ball of vegetables in Indian cuisine
  34. Relating to songs or poems celebrating marriages
  35. Point of culmination with Enigma's earliest cipher?
  36. Heaps ordered for festival
  37. Keen Yankee gets treasure or similar
  38. Animated cartoon character who lives in a submerged pineapple and has a pet snail called Gary
  39. Amongst classicists this prize competition is to falter
  40. With staggering poise Cicero's last by that very fact of his
  41. Nigel ____ played the morose hippy Neil in The Young Ones
  42. A country behind good fuel
  43. Miles Franklin wrote the 1901 novel My ____ Career
  44. Surname of folk singers Woody and his son Arlo
  45. 2005 film comedy starring Will Smith as a "date doctor”
  46. Tenant provided money going into loo
  47. In Othello, Iago would change his humanity with a ____
  48. Fish with forgotten speed — it's the bosun's point
  49. Former name of Formula One's Alpine racing team
  50. North American horse breed with dark spots on a light background
  51. Unkindly townsfolk standing up changed into joining force
  52. Defender who was AC Milan's captain, 1982-97
  53. Type of fabric used to make polishing cloths
  54. Scratch cold bread that's a defining part of a pud
  55. Super League rugby club based at the Totally Wicked Stadium
  56. Upset nurse coming in profoundly hammered
  57. Once informal attire, with matching jacket and trousers
  58. Greater Manchester town; abbreviation for an Old Testament book
  59. Moving drama with this colouring could find you daydreaming
  60. Lord who ran over what Solomon holds central in inner space
  61. In fiction, Harry Potter, Snow White or Tom Jones
  62. Informal name for the red panda
  63. Page: "Althea dreamt she was delivered of a firebrand, and therefore I call him her dream.” Prince Harry (giving him money): "A crown's worth of good ____!” (Henry IV, Part 2)
  64. Queen, eg, is out of bed and dressing
  65. Careless dullard has put together simple dishes
  66. Now, York, or never, steel thy fearful thoughts, / And change ____ to resolution' (Henry VI, Part 2)
  67. Lallans is a literary version of this variety of English
  68. American Revolution soldier hanged for spying by the British in 1776
  69. Trat's cut alternate handle in news broadcast?
  70. Small things pressured by Government beetle-crushers
  71. A kitchen appliance manufacturer; a fictional expletive in Red Dwarf
  72. Organisation whose logo is a candle wrapped in barbed wire
  73. A pongid
  74. Left with advantage after American fits tool for forger?
  75. African language most senior officer experienced inside
  76. An antagonist
  77. Riyadh's fresh water transporter
  78. In a plucky way cathedral school's first
  79. The last Brexit secretary
  80. Dress sense is finding capes
  81. The current world chess champion