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  1. Benjamin Britten opera, and popular name of Elizabeth I
  2. Uniform beside Merchant Navy po
  3. 1997 Spice Girls song and a BBC TV programme since 2004
  4. Flight from Spain initially heading 180° — hold this course
  5. Sir Thomas Beecham founded London's ____ in 1946
  6. Even places in free Attica show networks
  7. Little air? Loosen attire that winds up attendee
  8. The celebrated astronomical work of Ptolemy
  9. Jewish calendar month formerly called Abib
  10. Bob ____, the underpaid clerk in A Christmas Carol
  11. More than one Charlie, say, boarding eastern trains
  12. In knitting, a completed line of stitches
  13. Harness Baroque amorino
  14. Mayor of New York City, 1978-89
  15. ____ took 2,361 wickets for Middlesex, 1949-82
  16. Potty lists with main political policy
  17. Dr Seuss book featuring companions Thing One and Thing Two
  18. Pollution in second Highland town
  19. Organ which produces both egg cells and spermatozoa
  20. Rough silk fabric named after a province of China
  21. Favourite old salt
  22. Cretaceous dinosaur popularly regarded as chief rival to Tyrannosaurus rex
  23. Open tart with sweet or savoury filling
  24. Possibly pedometer is really more prudent
  25. Tin Pan Alley song which starts "The night was mighty dark so you could hardly see”
  26. Beast understanding to beat mostly old staff
  27. Informally, Boston (Massachusetts)
  28. "It is not the dark place that ____, but the dim eye” (Thomas Carlyle)
  29. Become aware of light trail in position of contact
  30. Canadian country music singer born Eilleen Edwards
  31. Cute son bolting greens to an excessive degree
  32. Nickname of Al Capone
  33. Projects crown in distinguished society
  34. One who treats eye disorders and defects
  35. Portable cassette player launched by Sony in 1979
  36. Old Mexican pair fix a mast which keeps you going
  37. Quiz show whose theme music is called College Boy
  38. Sermon about stone dropping from repair
  39. American actor whose comedy roles included that of Dr Michael Hfuhruhurr
  40. Alas, no longer such a roar sustains it
  41. A dog's rudimentary inner toe
  42. Byzantine art's about embracing senseless state's warts and all
  43. Fictional rough collie dog created by Eric Knight
  44. Grant not quite covering pastoral poem scanned by old poet
  45. By Ed Sheeran and Stormzy, the first UK No 1 single with a title including the place name in the final word
  46. Benefit close to British stall
  47. Native of Riga
  48. M— is winding out of Hampshire, possibly giving alternate junction
  49. Animated cartoon character whose nemesis is Baron Greenback
  50. Norse god of battle, identified with Mars
  51. A current 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown team captain
  52. Way to read that's raised support for fine Parisian lass
  53. Aston Villa club captain when they were promoted to the First Division in 1988
  54. Scots show press Irish woman who must work
  55. To yoke an animal to a wagon
  56. "____ is for appearing on, not looking at” (Noel Coward)
  57. Old files bearing fruit
  58. British ocean liner sunk by a German U-boat in 1915
  59. Reflecting on stylish and grand European church first
  60. Joanna Lumley was the first house model for this fashion designer
  61. Insect mentioned in some vacuum cleaner advertising
  62. We don't appear fit Home Secretary admitted in reversal
  63. Removing a magnetic field, especially from a screen
  64. A circle is the ____ of points equally far from a given point
  65. Light traces of silk transform dress
  66. "If the world were clear, ____ would not exist” (Albert Camus)
  67. Very dense cove concealing a crate
  68. Australian fashion designer who opened London's Flamingo Park boutique in 1973
  69. Roman Catholic doctrine favouring the stricter course in doubtful cases of conscience
  70. Bear that rallying in court
  71. In Europe's catholic countries, the ____ calendar was introduced in 1582
  72. Prior pope tipped for free celebrations
  73. The first black person to have a No 1 hit in the UK Singles Chart
  74. Slayer of the Minotaur
  75. Henry, somewhat critical bloke clutching cocaine — jerk
  76. Rock band formed by brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher
  77. Danseur's movement worked at constantly wanting depth
  78. Plant with prickly leaves often featured in Corinthian architecture
  79. Pigeon belonging to you and me in Georgia
  80. Perennial plant also called livelong
  81. Putti
  82. I put in Scots for Enzedder's chatty definition
  83. The European bison
  84. Harry in essence gives rent historically based on stock
  85. In Macbeth, ____ flees to Ireland after his father is murdered
  86. Gaff, say, is standard