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  1. In US criminal law, a plea accepting conviction but not admitting guilt
  2. Father has stain inside coat
  3. Eva's henpecked husband in several Tom Sharpe novels
  4. Steal from wrecks gone over
  5. The Jewish feast of Purim celebrates this Persian queen
  6. Form of social protest used in Britain in the 1920s and 1930s
  7. Old insect bringing panic around Lincoln
  8. Sixties band still fronted by Eric Burdon
  9. Roman house in Iberia maybe writer's abandoned
  10. Winnie-the-Pooh character whose favourite food is thistles
  11. Type of flag associated with republicanism
  12. So there may be new principle used for statistical data
  13. Innkeeper who appears in four Shakespeare plays
  14. Someone with permanent and absolute tenure of land
  15. Cleansing process incorporating complicated rite could be this?
  16. Restaurant in which wine is traditionally served in a decanter rather than a bottle
  17. Below base of cloud bird gets thoroughly wet in Scotland
  18. Broadcaster who created That Was The Week That Was
  19. The most populous island in the US state of Hawaii
  20. Such pancakes if badly cooked may be flakiest
  21. Waterside ornamental plant with very large leaves
  22. Fabrics produced in a hundred tiny places
  23. Gold or silver coin once used in Europe
  24. Athlete who won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin
  25. Settled down but not quietly — wanted to scratch?
  26. First person to get upset, with confession of inability to be sparkling
  27. Ian ____ fronted Echo and the Bunnymen, 1978-88
  28. Recipe requiring fish to be turned over in oven
  29. A wine grower or merchant
  30. Pluck grass
  31. Gunners shoot going over island, needing skills to capture it
  32. "Mark where his carnage and his ____ cease! / He makes a solitude, and calls it — peace” (Byron)
  33. Tree a sudden wind upended
  34. Poet whose works include The Windhover
  35. Nonsense by 30 frolicking
  36. Words of warning from gentlemen gardening
  37. In 2006 ____ won the best actress Oscar winner for Walk the Line
  38. Waves running directly against a ship's course
  39. Band whose debut single (1978) was Take Me, I'm Yours
  40. Informally, a handgun
  41. Witty words on tomb out of order
  42. One to trap hunted animal, tail being chopped off with little hesitation
  43. ____, tugged to her last Berth to be broken up, 1838 is a painting by Turner
  44. Beat it!
  45. Monstrous things sailor found surfacing in the drink
  46. According to a 2013 survey, one who gives American children an average of $3.70 per "item”
  47. Stuck in creek is brown gypsy man
  48. A two-masted sailing boat
  49. Siberia's largest city
  50. No longer put straw on the playing area — not very good
  51. The Atomium in Brussels was built for ____ 58
  52. Old cow in East Sussex river
  53. Listening secretly
  54. 1963 film about fictional rugby league footballer Frank Machin
  55. Things one habitually eats, having removed fifty bones
  56. Fort William is at the northeast end of ____
  57. Spanish-Venezuelan female tennis player who became world No 1 in 2017
  58. Time of denial with one having inadequate room and little breathing space
  59. Comic opera whose central character has four daughters — Mabel, Edith, Kate, and Isabel
  60. Wood has some squelchy leaves
  61. Andalusia's second most populous city
  62. Consider something at length
  63. Face work with limit circumscribed
  64. Coldness of manner in doctor who may be taking risks?
  65. One who tends the fire on a steam train or ship
  66. Euphuism was the distinctive style of Elizabethan writer and playwright John ____
  67. The golden ____ is an ornamental fish normally kept in outdoor ponds
  68. Sheep, for example, having nothing to eat
  69. Pop singer around end of concert? One may be seen with DJ
  70. Building offering access to computer equipment for those in a rural area
  71. Footballer's endless complaint
  72. In Greek myth, soothsayer who introduced the worship of Dionysus
  73. Bring back a carrier with food, my bonny
  74. Mark, an old rocker, given officer status
  75. Largest city of Tanzania
  76. Seen getting drunk, one who should stay sober in Welsh Assembly
  77. "A leader who doesn't ____ before he sends his nation into battle isn't fit to be a leader” (Golda Meir)
  78. Japanese musical instrument, usually with 13 strings
  79. Unconventional beard associated with revolutionary transvestite
  80. Char's manner of speaking putting any number off
  81. A Ken Loach film; character played by Jennifer Lien in Star Trek: Voyager