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  1. This originally, native Aztecs happily used as their language
  2. Supposedly a spirit, often in animal form, assisting a witch
  3. Cattle herded together for a journey
  4. French painter Antoine ____ transformed the baroque style to the more naturalistic rococo
  5. Slip catching four in turn after wicket's fallen
  6. Gossip helping to include a change of direction
  7. A cell with an axon and dendrites
  8. Eventual winner Octave Lapize's description of the 30A's organisers as murderers, shouted at them as he led its first ascent of the Col d'Aubisque in 1910
  9. The use of ____s by the police is controlled by the Freedom of Information act passed in 2000
  10. Bill for electricity supply
  11. Without difficulty, money includes one pound
  12. ____ won the 1989 30A, beating 6D by 16A after a final 5D
  13. Comedy film starring Paul Newman as a rogue whose long-neglected son returns for Thanksgiving
  14. Interpreter of dreams using a story in Ireland
  15. Hurt roused theatrically, not for all to see
  16. Another name for the meat product kielbasa
  17. Cut private rooms back
  18. Informally, a party currently electing a new leader
  19. Pub's butt of criticism for froth on liquor
  20. Sea fish splash, free for short time
  21. China's currency since 1948
  22. Group of ferns one's taken in, each a size that's amazing
  23. ____ Fame's first No 1 hit was Yeh, Yeh in 1964
  24. In 1949, Fausto ___ was the first person to win the 30A and Giro d'Italia in the same year
  25. Writer's exhausted and is not contracted in US agency
  26. Musical instrument once sold as the Clarke London Flageolet
  27. Come in from how tea's often served for an audience
  28. "Against the watch” — a French name for a time trial
  29. Howard ____ composed music for TV programmes including Red Dwarf and The Vicar of Dibley
  30. French transport vehicle, or a group riding together to beat the elimination time for a 30A mountain stage
  31. China touring Japan to get special fishy hors d'oeuvres
  32. An ironical description of decision-making
  33. Hindi term for a long stick used as a weapon
  34. Month's work for small amount of money
  35. Smelly
  36. Records right up front for income from Government bonds
  37. Jeremy ____ was Channel 4's first chief executive, and later the Royal Opera House's general director
  38. "He is very foolish who aims at ____ all the world and his father” (Jean de la Fontaine)
  39. Dancing girls mediocre in French region? Not half
  40. One supporter showing a manner of excessive orderliness
  41. See 7A
  42. Doris Day's first film role was in Romance ____, about a cruise to Rio
  43. A "penny bun” or similar mushroom
  44. One without illusions on a roll
  45. Mutter as before about a decoy
  46. A primate formerly called "pygmy chimpanzee”
  47. ____ won the 30A for the fifth time in 1985
  48. Fairground throwing game
  49. Substance from almond nuts in muesli chopped
  50. Scottish try in Twickenham international
  51. The roller of a typewriter
  52. Thalictrum flavum is the "common” version of this ranunculaceous plant with clusters of small flowers
  53. Jerks act out purposeful procedures
  54. Ironic alternative to "Purity of Essence” as the explanation for the POE recall code identified by Captain Mandrake in Doctor Strangelove
  55. Climber, one's seen in wood
  56. Secure employment tails off — a hard pill to swallow
  57. Neutral, in relation to government
  58. Saint ____ is traditionally regarded as the founder of Glasgow
  59. Bone china pots are not available on Sabbath
  60. Former Chairman taking cases in gambling Mecca
  61. 2002 animated film featuring a sloth called Sid and a mammoth called Manny
  62. Pondered about getting slower and quieter for Queen?
  63. Matter thrown out, especially by volcanoes
  64. Anthropomorphic bovine seen on a TV game show, 1981-95
  65. Repeat warning for people to take back goods
  66. Event first held in 1903 to boost the sales of a sporting newspaper
  67. Shift about on barbs circulating
  68. French winner of the 30A in 1983 and 1984
  69. Magnetic field measurement unit in the CGS system
  70. Another name for a lapwing
  71. Gin and drugs reported in swingers' bar
  72. To ____ something is to do it enthusiastically
  73. John ____ illustrated Lewis Carroll's Alice books
  74. Purgative substance? Order a pill not entirely to be taken in one month
  75. You cannot use this plant to make textiles
  76. Outrageous quality of prisoner in country
  77. Egyptian hydrological project
  78. An English version of the "pois rouges” on the jersey of the 30A's leading climber
  79. Catch black cuckoo in Sicilian port
  80. Capital city of China's Hubei province
  81. Needing protection accordingly, one who murdered Agamemnon
  82. Attire for the most special occasions
  83. Wavered between possible choices
  84. Indian gardener's covering over tare in African country greens