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  1. Chesspiece that may be fianchettoed
  2. Writer of the atmospheric poem The Listeners
  3. Hungarian dog breed
  4. Jewish religious teacher
  5. Greek philosopher, originator of the theory of atomism
  6. Composer of Clair de Lune
  7. Italian port where Allied troops landed in numbers in January 1944
  8. Village in which Wordsworth's Dove Cottage is located
  9. Second movie to star Sigourney Weaver as Lieutenant Ellen Ripley
  10. Pioneering aviator and co-pilot of Arthur Brown
  11. - of the Sith, Episode III of the Star Wars film series
  12. Channel 4 teen soap first broadcast in 1995
  13. 13th-century traveller whose itinerary took in Bokhara, Hormuz and Shangdu
  14. Scottish Borders town, home to a ruined Cistercian abbey
  15. Plant whose name derives from the Latin for "wolfish”
  16. Snake such as the adder
  17. Mining safety device named after a Cornish chemist
  18. Area including the towns of Gateshead and Jarrow
  19. Book translated by Tyndale and Wycliffe
  20. Russian physiologist who studied conditioned reflexes
  21. Sperm whale secretion used in the perfume industry
  22. Large prawns usually served fried in breadcrumbs
  23. The -, Ronald Harwood play whose main characters are "Sir” and Norman
  24. Spanish old master who painted the Rokeby Venus
  25. Kevin -, European footballer of the year in 1978 and 79
  26. Nobel laureate who wrote the play The Birthday Party
  27. Small-leaved herb, a member of the mint family
  28. First tsar of Russia
  29. London-born singer of the No 1 hits Smile and The Fear
  30. Monument honouring the 16th US president