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  1. Born Solomon Cohen, a star of the Carry On films
  2. Tree in China at foot of which is girl
  3. In cell cytoplasm, organelles which store and release energy
  4. ____ national park was Tanzania's first Unesco world heritage site
  5. Come face to face with old bishop and one new to the faith
  6. Embroiderers in Cheshire town registers
  7. Pollex
  8. Echo, ____, Hotel
  9. ____ in Tunisia is one of the cities labelled as Islam's fourth holiest
  10. The Ottoman empire's equivalent of a prime minister
  11. Old-fashioned counsel taken on board by daredevil
  12. Friendly agreement? Not with one of two knights opinionated
  13. Stupor-producing drug
  14. Singer of Arcade, winner of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest
  15. BBC sitcom which starred Robert Lindsay as "Wolfie”
  16. No longer chase after prize money, having got weak
  17. Opinion being heard, proceeded secretly
  18. A small piece of software which runs within another
  19. Original presenter, for 25 years, of University Challenge
  20. Papal licence in the name of God ultimately
  21. Feudal allegiance
  22. Blackmail coming from China not acceptable
  23. 1990s antiques quiz show aired on BBC Two
  24. A ____ aims to achieve socialism by gradual rather than revolutionary means
  25. Little old dam like this bursting? Caution!
  26. Sugar-refining equipment which raises liquid by air or steam pressure
  27. Solitary person outside a public library, say?
  28. In 2009, ____ McLeod was the first black player to qualify for the World Snooker Championship
  29. Until July 2016, Puerto Rico's ____ Observatory housed the world's largest radio telescope
  30. Bacon that I get cooked for flatmate?
  31. Like wine that's dull from US but with hidden power
  32. Letters from fourth man circulating
  33. Poisonous gas used in the First World War
  34. A village in the Netherlands or South Africa
  35. ____ hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics
  36. Destroy Scottish island (no small island)
  37. Net for fish gets some quite sleepy going upstream
  38. A name for a pompous individual, apparently originated by Rudyard Kipling
  39. Sesame Street's saxophone-playing owl
  40. Dearies apt to get excited get breathless
  41. Ritualistic martial art, literally "way of the sword”
  42. Cart heading off to deliver piece of armour
  43. The three days before Ash Wednesday
  44. Clemenceau's response to Woodrow Wilson's "____ points” on post-war peace was "____? The good Lord had only ten”
  45. Learned man to mistreat half a dozen
  46. French-born pirate who helped to defend New Orleans from the British in the final battle of the War of 1812
  47. Internet facility providing e-tunes possibly?
  48. Shabby hotel or unkempt person
  49. A narrow marine passage
  50. A plant of the Euphrasia genus, used by herbalists
  51. Vassal set to provide cattle food
  52. Bishop is coming in ruined, upset, in knots
  53. Violet-scented substance used in perfumery
  54. Italian actress and daughter of Ingrid Bergman
  55. "Enthusiasm is the ____ of man; it is the passing of the human to the divine” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
  56. Difficult summer month to bear at one time
  57. Centres in which one sees any number slave, cruelly exploited
  58. To "lay by the ____” is to put (someone) in fetters
  59. The Greek goddess of fertility and agriculture
  60. Quiet repose making one ready, as before
  61. Phoebe's identical twin in Friends
  62. Islander, one wearing headgear — a Scotsman?
  63. Latin word used in an abbreviated form when citing a work already cited
  64. 2004 demolition derby racing game developed by Bugbear Entertainment
  65. My lord always backing soldiers
  66. Fermented rye drink, sold from tanks in Russian city streets
  67. Summon old expert to squash common fellow
  68. Actor who played Lukewarm in the sitcom Porridge
  69. Small arachnid feeding on blood
  70. Vehicle reversing by French river stopping short — something scraping
  71. Prohibition slapped on revolutionary army in part of Hungary
  72. Tortures pastors conjured up, having caught highway thief
  73. A senior executive in the former Board of Admiralty
  74. Location of Italy's busiest airport
  75. Harmony around home associated with a fireplace
  76. I'm stupid, restricting power and seeking peace
  77. Condition affecting social communication and interaction
  78. Latin American percussion instrument made from a gourd
  79. Homeless creature? Everyone needs to have food, Young Conservative admitted
  80. EM Forster novel containing the line "Adventures do occur, but not punctually”
  81. Crocodile gets through biting into girl
  82. Natural covering such as skin or exoskeleton
  83. Trade name for the sedative drug also called quinalbarbitone
  84. Afterwards girl comes to meaningful agreement