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29-August-2021 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Did some road repair
  2. Sty sustenance
  3. Neurodevelopmental condition
  4. That hits really close to home,' online
  5. Work on, as an old painting
  6. Home to the vast majority of the Hmong
  7. Put into force
  8. Argued before a judge
  9. Recommendation well before Election Day
  10. Crystal ___ (shade akin to celadon blue)
  11. Stamp who played General Zod in Superman films
  12. Mystical valley in the novel 'Lost Horizon
  13. Let me be really clear
  14. When a star may shine
  15. Hikes taken at work?
  16. Piggies, so to speak
  17. Angling platform
  18. Core components
  19. Sport-___ (large car, informally)
  20. Muscle-bone connector
  21. Culture Warlords' author Lavin
  22. Person who can't make things up to you?
  23. Anatomical places for crib notes
  24. West German leader whose name is an anagram of NUDE AREA
  25. Hans Gruber's portrayer in 'Die Hard
  26. Completely certain
  27. Short breaks
  28. Like crude humor
  29. Passages in sci-fi books
  30. Accelerometer, e.g
  31. Waiting for the other ___ to drop
  32. Frequent filming location for 'The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
  33. Circulating circle, often
  34. Second word of BLM
  35. ___-glare screen (monitor that minimizes reflections)
  36. Like bricks
  37. Org. with employees whose goals are goals
  38. 82 Down's goals
  39. Unfriendly and then some
  40. Free from corruption
  41. ___ for the stars (aim high)
  42. Lab flask material
  43. Chocolate cookie-flavored ice cream holder
  44. Russo who played Natasha in 'The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
  45. One celebrated in the spring
  46. 2019 World Cup star Lavelle
  47. Expression from one who's incensed
  48. Thief involved in DC plots
  49. Fish related to the grouper
  50. [Typo in the original]
  51. Kendrick who earned a Pulitzer for his album 'DAMN.
  52. Car dealer's offerings
  53. River through Geneva
  54. Oar handler
  55. 1998 NL MVP Sosa
  56. Event called 'a jewel in New York City's social crown' in Town & Country magazine
  57. Tender after yoga class, say
  58. Zapatistas' leader Zapata
  59. Intellectual ___ (careful reasoning that holds up to scrutiny)
  60. Breaks off
  61. Returns from one's dream trip?
  62. Edged by a point, say
  63. Symbol of happiness
  64. Not solid, as idiomatic ground
  65. The Aviator' director
  66. Wrestler Hart nicknamed 'The Hitman
  67. Illusionist Geller
  68. Race venue of old?
  69. Attempts to locate
  70. Redding on the album 'The Dock of the Bay
  71. Detritus left over from an eruption
  72. Structure seen in M.C. Escher's 'Relativity
  73. Needs auto-correct, say (unless auto-correct is itself wrong)
  74. Rats!' in a Platz
  75. Words from one who's on the fence
  76. Home improvement chain that turned 100 years old in 2021
  77. Places where people pick up pumpkins
  78. Apparel pair
  79. Covered (in)
  80. Stacks
  81. Music genre influenced by Cybotron during the 1980s
  82. Easy' songwriter Richie
  83. Has an emotional impact
  84. Piece of the pie, perhaps
  85. Ancient flier
  86. Wet spots in dry areas
  87. Coop clamor
  88. Some NFL blockers
  89. Month for World Vegetarian Day
  90. All good things come to an end
  91. Penny prez
  92. Affirmed statement?
  93. Went on a black diamond run
  94. Get in exchange, as from another team
  95. Comparatively kind
  96. She sang 'Hot Right Now' in 2012
  97. Like capitalism in its final form, to modern socialists
  98. Parental pair in some families
  99. Abandon a federation
  100. Up in the air

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